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Heura’s Revolutionary ‘York-Style’ Ham Slices

Heura Foods unveils its innovative 'York-Style' plant-powered Ham slices with an impressive 64% protein density.
Key Takeaways:
  1. Heura Foods introduces a ground-breaking ‘York-Style’ plant-powered Ham with a remarkable 64% protein density, made with extra virgin olive oil and free from additives.
  2. Leveraging a cross-category patent-pending technology, Heura addresses the challenges of providing high nutritional value with a clean label, setting new standards in the plant-based food industry.
  3. Heura’s innovative product responds to WHO’s call for reduced processed meat consumption, prioritizing health and sustainability.
  4. Heura’s Good Rebel Tech (GRT) division has developed a unique thermomechanical processing technique, producing plant-based meats with improved sensory attributes and nutritional value.
  5. Founded by activists, Heura’s mission revolves around replacing animal-based protein sources, with their products now available in over 22,000 outlets across 20 countries.

Amidst growing concerns about animal-origin meats’ health and environmental impacts, Heura Foods stands tall as a beacon of innovation. The Barcelona-based food-tech company has unveiled its latest creation: the ‘York-Style’ plant-powered Ham, setting the bar high in plant-based deli products.

A Fresh Answer to a Pressing Challenge

Among other nations, Spain has long been grappling with over-consumption of processed meats. With the WHO categorizing such foods alongside harmful substances like tobacco smoke and alcohol due to their carcinogenic nature, the demand for healthier alternatives has never been more urgent. Marc Coloma, the CEO of Heura, highlights the role of industries and institutions in ushering in a healthier food system, putting health above all.

Heura’s ‘York-Style’ Ham slices come when the world needs them the most. Not merely an alternative, but as Coloma mentions, “The Heura slices are not an alternative to those of animal origin; they are their successors.”

Pure Plant-Powered Goodness

But what makes these slices truly stand out? With a protein density of 64% and devoid of any additives, these slices exemplify what modern food tech can achieve. Using the GRT tech approach and the patent-pending technology, Heura harnesses the best texture and nutrition, offering a taste experience on par with animal meats.

Isabel Fernandez, Chief Technology Officer at Heura, sheds light on the company’s philosophy. “We aim for exponential progress from scientific discoveries yielding breakthrough technological innovations,” she states, emphasizing the game-changing nature of their products.

About Heura

Originating from a Mediterranean culinary lineage, Heura champions sustainability, health, and innovation. Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños, the founders, envisioned a world where animals aren’t part of the protein equation. Today, with their products gracing shelves in over 22,000 locations across 20 countries, Heura is well on making that vision a reality.

Image provided by Heura

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