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Hiphen Acquires SlantRange

Hiphen acquires SlantRange to create global powerhouse in advanced crop measurement and prediction solutions.

Hiphen and SlantRange, two leading companies in remote sensing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence for agriculture, have announced their merger to form a powerhouse in advanced crop measurement and prediction solutions. The acquisition of SlantRange by Hiphen positions the combined entity as the go-to source for crop science companies and agricultural enterprises worldwide.

Based in Avignon, France, Hiphen has been providing valuable data to various stakeholders in the agricultural industry since 2014. Its expertise in image analysis and solution systems has made it a trusted partner for seed breeders, product developaers, food processors, vertical farms, and crop researchers across the globe. While Hiphen has established a strong presence in Europe, it only started venturing into the North American market in 2020.

The merger with SlantRange, headquartered in San Diego, California, marks an exciting synergy between the two companies. SlantRange has made significant strides in the North American crop input market by developing innovative methods to quantify and predict crop performance. With a robust patent portfolio, extensive engineering and data sciences expertise, and established industry relationships, SlantRange brings valuable assets to the partnership.

Alexis Comar, CEO of Hiphen, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting the complementarity of SlantRange’s patent portfolio and growing US customer base with Hiphen’s analytics capability and European presence. The combined company will capitalize on these strengths to offer impactful analytical tools to the global agriculture market. Michael Ritter, CEO of SlantRange, echoed Comar’s sentiments, emphasizing the enhanced capabilities resulting from the merger. By joining forces, the two companies aim to provide an expanded and more responsive service portfolio on a global scale.

Operating under the Hiphen brand, the newly formed entity will expedite the development of innovative tools that accurately measure and predict plant development in response to various factors such as management practices, genetics, and the environment. Remote sensing and data science methods will serve as the foundation for the advancement of global food production efficiency and sustainability.

Lee West, Hiphen’s business development director, highlighted the company’s commitment to empowering agricultural researchers and producers with innovative solutions. “The overarching goal is to produce more food, feed, fuel, and fiber on fewer acres to meet the demands of the 21st century.”

The merger between Hiphen and SlantRange signifies a major milestone in the agricultural technology landscape. By leveraging their combined expertise and resources, the two companies will revolutionize the way crop measurement and prediction are conducted, ultimately driving improvements in global food production efficiency and sustainability.

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