How To Make The Most Out Of Indoor AgCon? Socialike Gives Its Recommendation

Indoor AgCon

This year’s Indoor AgCon (February 2023), one of the prominent events around indoor farming in North America, is around the corner. As the event edges closer, and companies start planning their marketing strategy, here from Socialike‘s President and Founder, Isaac Brody on how to make the most out of this trailblazing event.

Five Ways Brands Can Get the Most Out Of Indoor AgCon

Email Marketing

  • Before the show
    • Email all your contacts that you are attending
    • Have the plan to collect emails during the show
    • Have prewritten out emails for all new subscribers
  • During the show
    • Collect attendee emails
    • Send an email recapping the day and tell everyone what you are looking forward to tomorrow
  • After the show
    • Ensure all new subscribers are uploaded to your email marketing software and send them a thank you and a recap of the show

Social media ads

  • Before the show
    • Set up an ad campaign targeting potential show attendees and drive them to a landing page. The goal of the landing page should be to set up appointments during the show
  • During the show
    • Run a geotargeting ad around the convention center, driving awareness around your booth number

Social Media Community Management

  • Before the show
    • Engage with people talking about Indoor AgCon on LinkedIn and Instagram (there are a lot)
      • This can be as simple as liking a post or telling them to stop by your booth
  • During the show
    • Keep track of your social media mentions and reply when necessary
    • Keep your eye on the branded hashtags and geotags and join in on the conversation when appropriate
  • After the show
    • Just like you would thank people in real life, thank all your new followers

Creating Instagramable moments at your booth

  • During the show
    • This is different for every brand, but what can you do to encourage people to take pictures at your booth?

Have a content strategy

  • Before the show
    • Encourage people to stop by your booth and discuss your value add. Is your CEO going to be there, will you have a subject matter expert, etc…
  • During the show
    • Do more than just post pictures of your booth.
      • Attend a lecture and create a post about it. Make sure to tag the presenters and sponsors.
      • Mention on your social media platforms other attendees (all about building goodwill)
  • After the show
    • Recap the show with long-form content on your website and newsletter. A trend report with the top ten trends is one idea.


Let’s make the most out of this fantastic show

This post was written by Isaac Brody. Isaac Brody is the President and Founder of Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space.

Image provided by Indoor AgCon 

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