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Improvin’ Bags €3.5M Investment for Agri-Food Sustainability Platform

Improvin' Bags €3.5M Investment for Agri-Food Sustainability Platform

In a boost to sustainability efforts within the agri-food industry, Improvin’, a sustainability performance platform, has completed a seed investment round worth €3.5 million. This funding is expected to expedite the company’s efforts to help the industry increase food production while reducing emissions.

The seed funding underscores the urgency and importance of Improvin’s mission as the company seeks to address one of the most significant challenges in the food industrysustainable production. In addition, the investment will fuel the rollout of Improvin’s platform in Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands in collaboration with its customers.

Improvin’s platform is designed to aid agri-food companies in measuring, reporting, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing biodiversity throughout their value chains. The company aims to provide scalable solutions with real-world applicability and impact.

While discussions around sustainable agriculture often focus on potential future scenarios, Improvin’ emphasizes its commitment to present solutions. The company aims to deliver tangible value to stakeholders across the agri-food spectrum, including food brands, processors, and growers, through practical technology.

The Improvin’ platform is designed to cut through the complexities of sustainability in the agri-food industry, promoting both environmental positivity and profitability. The platform is user-friendly, designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, yet sophisticated enough to drive the transition to sustainable agriculture.

The company envisions a future where the sustainability of crops, farmlands, and farming practices is not a question but a clear, measurable, verifiable, reportable, and incentivized path. This latest investment underscores the increasing recognition of the need for practical, effective solutions to the pressing issue of sustainability in the agri-food industry.

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