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Indonesia’s Smart Green House Program Yields First Results

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The Indonesia Agriculture Ministry’s ground-breaking SGH initiative aims to advance modern agriculture. Farmers in Mojokerto, East Java, have started to benefit from the program’s digital agriculture. SGH participates in initiatives to promote digitization in agriculture, with the ultimate objective of enhancing agricultural output. Agriculture with SGH maximizes digital technology for the advancement of agriculture in its deployment. Greenhouse-branded buildings and a digitalized system make up SGH. SGH encourages environmentally beneficial agricultural cultivation, thus farmers use SGH to produce organic veggies. Since SGH was established, farmer income has increased. SGH is anticipated to be combined with or perhaps transformed into a type of edu-tourism in the future for students and the general public.

Antara News reported that the Screen House or Smart Green House (SGH) technology, developed by the Agriculture and Facility Directorate General of the Agriculture Ministry of Indonesia, has allowed farmers in Mojokerto, East Java, to start enjoying the benefits of the digital agriculture initiative. The program is part of a widespread effort to encourage the digitalization of agriculture in the country to further increase the annual output and the efficiency of the farms.

The program has several objectives including:

  • Further promote sustainable practices as the use of sensors and precision farming enables them to reduce the use of pesticides and other chemical products
  • Organic production to further expand the country’s exports on international markets
  • Attract younger generations of farmers
  • Increasing income for farmers and the wider community as the program enables, per Antara News to increase the farmer’s margin to 80% in lieu of the previously 70%
  • Expansion of the crops harvested and grown, prior to the program, most crops were comprised of corn, cassava, cloves, and durian. Now they include as well mustard greens, cabbage, chili, melon, and watermelon.

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