Indoor Farming Stocks

For the past couple of years, a number of indoor and vertical farming companies have entered public markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Indoor farming companies are often criticized for their ‘unsustainable finances’ with high costs associated with operating/acquiring their systems.

Indeed, most publicly-traded indoor farming companies are yet to be profitable, incurring important losses quarter after quarter mostly because of the current macroeconomic uncertainty driven by geopolitical tensions, exponential inflation rates, the aftermaths of COVID, and recession fear. As a result, companies are taking initiatives to decrease their cost, increase their revenue by building more facilities, and improve their system’s costs.

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{ "symbols": [ { "description": "AppHarvest", "proName": "NASDAQ:APPH" }, { "description": "Local Bounti", "proName": "NYSE:LOCL" }, { "description": "Kalera", "proName": "NASDAQ:KAL" }, { "description": "urban-gro", "proName": "NASDAQ:UGRO" }, { "description": "Cubic Farm Systems", "proName": "TSX:CUB" }, { "description": "Agrify", "proName": "NASDAQ:AGFY" }, { "description": "Affinor Growers", "proName": "CSE:AFI" }, { "description": "Sprout AI", "proName": "CSE:BYFM" }, { "description": "HydroFarm", "proName": "NASDAQ:HYFM" }, { "description": "Grow Generation", "proName": "NASDAQ:GRWG" }, { "description": "Edibl Garden Ag", "proName": "NASDAQ:EDBL" }, { "description": "Light Science Technologies", "proName": "LSE:LST" }, { "description": "Signify", "proName": "EURONEXT:LIGHT" }, { "description": "Heliospectra", "proName": "OMXSTO:HELIO" } ], "showSymbolLogo": true, "colorTheme": "light", "isTransparent": false, "displayMode": "adaptive", "locale": "en" }
Corporate Stock Market

Edible Garden Ag To Perform a Reverse Stock Split

Edible Garden AG Incorporated, a company involved in controlled environment agriculture, has disclosed a planned reverse stock split of its.

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AgTech Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Stock Market

AgriFORCE Enters a $28M LOI To Acquire Berry People

AgriFORCE Growing Systems has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Berry People for $28 million. The acquisition will.

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Corporate Stock Market

Has Naked Short Selling Affected AgriFORCE?

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. has provided a report on its ongoing investigation into potentially improper and/or illegal trading activities, including.

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Corporate Stock Market

Agrify (NASDAQ: AGFY) Implements Cost-Saving Plan

Agrify Corporation (NASDAQ: AGFY) has announced it is actively taking steps to better align its resources and growth plan with.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Indoor Farming Stock Market

AppHarvest Ships First Tomatoes From Richmond Facility

AppHarvest ships its first tomatoes at its new 60-acre high-tech indoor farm in Richmond, Kentucky. This marks the first time.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Stock Market

AgriFORCE and Barbados CEA Development Collaboration

AgriFORCE (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW), an AgTech company dedicated to advancing sustainable cultivation and crop processing, has announced a collaboration with.

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