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Integrating Wind Turbines In Agriculture

Integrating Wind Turbines In Agriculture

Since the Paris Accord of 2015, many countries have committed to reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impact by turning away from fossil fuel energy. As a result, there has been an increased reliance on electricity and a move away from combustible engines, heating systems, and power grids that use fossil fuels. However, despite this move towards cleaner energy, the pressure on many countries’ power grids has been immense over the past year, and electricity production will need to increase to meet future demand.

One potential solution to this issue is to explore alternative energy sources such as renewable energies (solar, wind, hydro) or nuclear energy. However, finding space for renewable energy sources that do not require burning forests or disturbing local communities can be challenging. One promising area for renewable energy production is on farms, with plenty of space to leverage. While Agrivoltaics (using farmland for solar energy production) has increased, little is known about the growing trend of using wind turbines on farms.

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