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Intelligent Growth Solutions News: Earns B Corp Certification

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has achieved B Corp certification.
  2. The certification marks a significant milestone in IGS’s sustainability and social responsibility commitment.
  3. IGS has seen substantial growth, tripling its workforce and expanding its vertical farming technology globally.
  4. The company’s B Corp score of 88.4 reflects its high environmental and social governance standards.
  5. IGS views this achievement as beginning a journey towards further positive impact.

IGS’s Achievement of B Corp Certification

Intelligent Growth Solutions, a leader in vertical farming technology, has recently been awarded B Corp certification. This recognition is a significant achievement for the company, which has seen considerable growth over the past three years, including a tripling of its workforce and the global deployment of its technology.

The Growth and Impact of IGS

IGS’s expansion is not just in scale but also in its impact. The company’s focus on vertical farming technology responds to the pressing environmental challenges and the need for sustainable agricultural practices. The B Corp certification validates IGS’s efforts to create a positive environmental and social impact through its business operations.

The Significance of a B Corp Score

IGS’s B Corp score of 88.4 indicates the company’s commitment to maintaining high environmental and social governance standards. This score reflects the company’s transparent, accountable, and responsible business practices, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Beyond Certification: IGS’s Ongoing Commitment

For IGS, obtaining B Corp certification is not the end goal but the start of a continuous journey. To ensure a positive and lasting impact, the company remains committed to enhancing its processes across various domains, from governance to people management.

Intelligent Growth Solutions Latest News

New Relic Signs New Vertical Farming Customer: IGS (2023/03/22)

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has adopted New Relic, according to a statement from New Relic (NYSE: NEWR), to foster innovation and maintain real-time visibility throughout its network of indoor vertical farming towers. IGS has access to more than 30 monitoring tools with New Relic, allowing the business to identify problems and find solutions more quickly and effectively than ever before. Moreover, IGS gains insight into system performance thanks to the New Relic all-in-one strategy, enabling it to see trends and patterns that could affect the dependability and accessibility of its vertical expansion towers. The application performance monitoring (APM) agent from New Relic has made it possible to reduce resolution times by 80% and costs by 58%, improve developer productivity, comprehend linkages among microservices, and make installation simple.

Andrea Zopp Joines Intelligent Growth Solutions’ Board (2022/12/19)

Andrea Zopp has joined the board of Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), a company that provides an agricultural infrastructure with its headquarters in Edinburgh. Ms. Zopp is a skilled corporate executive and lawyer with extensive expertise in company transactions, legal disputes, and human resources. She joins IGS’ non-executive team to further the company’s international growth as it increases its ability to provide its vertical farming equipment to clients on four continents. Ms. Zopp graduated from Harvard College with a BA in History of Science and from Harvard Law School with a JD.

Loveland, Colorado Set To Be IGS’ North American HQ (2022/11/17)

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) is expanding and has chosen Loveland, Colorado as its North American headquarters. The move will allow the company to better serve its North American customers, which is its fastest-growing market. Loveland’s skilled labor pool was also a factor in the decision. IGS expects to create 114 new jobs with an average annual wage of $98,991. The state of Colorado will provide up to $2,758,845 in tax credits to IGS over eight years.

Intelligent Growth Solutions Partners with HarvestUp To Build Vertical Farm at Missouri Technical College (2022/11/09)

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) and HarvestUp have partnered to build a vertical farm at the Ranken Technical College Campus in Missouri. The farm will consist of four IGS Growth Towers and will provide students with a hands-on learning environment where they can learn about vertical farming, IT, construction, and HVAC systems. The produce from the farm will be sold to local retailers, and the companies plan to expand the number of towers in the future. Construction is expected to begin in early 2023.

HSWT Partners with Intelligent Growth Solutions (2022/08/02)

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, members of the HSWT met with representatives of the company Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) in the Salettl at the Hofgarten Weihenstephan to cooperate. As one of the world’s leading Agritech companies, IGS supplies cutting-edge technology in the field of vertical farming. The partnership sets strategically important groundwork in order to position the university as the point of contact in Bavaria for this innovative field of research.

IGS Partners With CubicAcres To Deliver Tech To East-Coast USA (2022/06/23)

Indoor agritech specialist Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has partnered with CubicAcres to expand its commercial operations on the East Coast of the USA. CubicAcres plans to use IGS vertical farming technology to grow salad crops such as Romaine lettuce and produce up to 2.5 million heads of lettuce per year. The eight-tower farm will provide CubicAcres with a precision-controlled indoor ecosystem that is highly flexible, scalable and requires no arable land or soil. The project will bring investment and new jobs to the region, and the farm will be fully operational by early 2023.

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