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Loveland, Colorado Set To Be IGS’ North American HQ

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) Colorado Expansion

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has announced that its North American headquarters will be located in Loveland, Colorado, as the company expands. The establishment of an operational base in Loveland will enable the company to better support its North American customers, which is the company’s fastest-growing market.

“IGS’ technology, mission, and people are a perfect fit for the ag-tech ecosystem that is flourishing across our region and in Loveland,” said Kelly Jones, Economic Development Director for the City of Loveland. “Northern Colorado adds tremendous value to a wide range of industries, and we are proud of this truly collaborative, regional effort to bring this innovative company and high-paying jobs to the region.”

“The city of Loveland’s and the state of Colorado’s forward-thinking approach to economic development fits perfectly with Intelligent Growth Solutions’ purpose of working with growers to help deliver sustainable food security,” said David Farquhar, CEO of IGS. “With 300 days of sunshine and only 30 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, the location is convenient to a large market as well as supply chain partners and is a great place for our people – and their families – to live.”

“The location of our North American headquarters is critical in our evolution as a market leader.” We are confident that our new Loveland headquarters will enable our rapidly expanding business to continue to expand and thrive on a global scale, as we deliver vertical farming infrastructure to enable real farmers to grow an expanding range of crops reliably, profitably, and sustainably for the first time: designed in Scotland, manufactured in Colorado.”

The company also chose Loveland because of its large, skilled labor pool. Overall, IGS expects to create 114 net new jobs with an average annual wage of $98,991, which is 183% of the Larimer County average annual wage. Engineers, supply chain managers, human resource and legal managers, as well as marketing and sales positions, will be available.

“Innovative companies like IGS are leveraging Colorado’s strong agricultural heritage to build a forward-thinking ag tech industry that will feed communities and support a thriving economy across our state.” “We are delighted that Loveland has become IGS’s North American headquarters, and we look forward to celebrating future achievements,” said Patrick Meyers, Executive Director of OEDIT.

“We are delighted to welcome Intelligent Growth Solutions as they establish their base of operations in Loveland.” “Their innovative technology, environmentally focused mission, and talented people are an ideal fit for the community,” said Loveland Mayor Jacki Marsh.

Over an eight-year period, the state of Colorado will provide up to $2,758,845 in performance-based Job Growth Incentive Tax Credits to IGS. Aside from Colorado, the company considered Washington and Massachusetts.

Image provided by Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)


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