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Italian Startup Dreamfarm Secures €5M to Advance Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives

Italian Startup Dreamfarm Secures €5M to Advance Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives

Key Takeaways:

  • Dreamfarm, an Italian food tech startup, raises €5M for plant-based cheese production.
  • The funding round attracted support from prominent entrepreneurs Giampaolo Cagnin and Francesco Mutti.
  • The investment will fund a new production facility in Sala Baganza with advanced machinery.
  • Dreamfarm’s vegan mozzarella and spreadable cheese boast a Nutriscore A rating.

Funding for a Dairy-Free Future

Parma, Italy-based Dreamfarm, has made headlines with a significant €5M funding boost. The startup specializes in creating plant-based alternatives to cheese, aiming to revolutionize the dairy industry with sustainable and health-conscious options.

Entrepreneurial Backing

The investment round was championed by two notable entrepreneurs: Giampaolo Cagnin, founder of Italiana Ingredienti, Campus, and Hi-Food, and Francesco Mutti, CEO of the Mutti Group. Their backing underscores a shared vision for innovation in the food sector, particularly in the burgeoning market for plant-based products.

Production Expansion

Dreamfarm plans to channel the investment into establishing a state-of-the-art production facility in Sala Baganza. This site will house specialized machinery designed to optimize Dreamfarm’s unique and patented production process, setting the stage for increased output and market reach.

Dreamfarm’s Plant-Based Innovations

Founded in 2021 by Maddalena Zanoni and Mattia Sandei, Dreamfarm has dedicated two years to research and development, culminating in the launch of its first products in May 2023. Their vegan mozzarella and spreadable cheese alternatives, created through the fermentation of almond paste, have received a Nutriscore A rating for their healthful properties.

Market Expansion and Product Diversification

With its eyes set on growth, Dreamfarm is not only expanding its distribution channels within Italy and internationally but is also broadening its product range. The startup’s alternative to mozzarella, containing less than 1% saturated fat, caters to a demographic increasingly mindful of sustainability and nutrition without sacrificing the taste of traditional Italian cheese.

A Vision Realized

The founders of Dreamfarm express a sense of accomplishment in realizing their vision and attracting high-caliber entrepreneurs to their venture. With the plant-based sector experiencing rapid growth, Dreamfarm is poised to make a significant global impact with its innovative products.

Image provided by Dreamfarm

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