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Jim Collins Joins Cibus Board

Key Takeaways

  • Jim Collins, former CEO of Corteva, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Cibus, Inc.
  • Collins brings extensive experience in agriculture and gene editing technology.
  • His appointment aims to strengthen Cibus’ focus on commercialization and productivity.
  • Collins has a history of spearheading sustainability initiatives in agriculture.
  • Cibus is a technology leader in gene editing for agriculture, not a seed company.

Cibus, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBUS), a global leader in gene editing for agriculture, announced on September 18, 2023, that Jim Collins, former CEO of Corteva Agriscience, has joined its Board of Directors. The appointment aims to bolster Cibus’ strategic vision and commercialization efforts in the agricultural sector.

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A Strategic Appointment

Mark Finn, Chair of the Audit Committee at Cibus, highlighted that Collins brings “immense knowledge and strategic vision” to the company. His experience leading Corteva, one of the largest agricultural and seed companies, is expected to provide valuable insights into the future role and use of gene editing in agriculture. Collins will focus on areas critical to farming productivity, such as disease and pest control.

A Focus on Commercialization

Rory Riggs, co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Cibus, emphasized that Collins’ insights are “invaluable” to the company. Collins will focus on commercialization and productivity, crucial as Cibus begins to commercialize its initial traits developed through gene editing.

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Collins’ Background and Vision

From 2019 to 2021, Collins served as the CEO of Corteva Agriscience, a Fortune 200 agricultural and seed company. During his tenure, he initiated several sustainability-focused projects aimed at helping farmers adopt new practices and technologies. Collins expressed his excitement about joining the company, stating that the company’s gene editing technology aligns with his career-long focus on improving the resiliency and sustainability of agriculture.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash 

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