Leading Harvest brings its pioneering Farmland Management Standard to Canada, driving sustainable outcomes across agriculture's value chain.
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Leading Harvest’s Farmland Management Takes Root in Canada

In a significant move towards enhancing sustainability practices within the agriculture sector, Leading Harvest, a pioneering organization in agricultural sustainability, has announced the commencement of its pilot program for its groundbreaking Farmland Management Standard in Canada. This initiative comes as Canada’s federal government focuses on formulating its inaugural sustainable agriculture strategy. It aligns with the recent launch of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership – a collaboration between federal, provincial, and territorial governments to fortify the agriculture, agri‐food, and agri‐based products sector.

Leading Harvest’s visionary Farmland Management Standard has emerged as a transformative force in the drive towards sustainability. This innovative, third-party audited standard centers on an outcomes-based approach that emphasizes continuous improvement within the agricultural sphere. Having made its debut three years ago in the United States, this standard has already garnered enrollment from nearly 3 million acres spanning over 100 crop types globally. Earlier this year, Leading Harvest extended its reach to Australia, with enrollment spanning all six states.

The escalating demand for sustainability assurance across the Canadian food and agriculture sectors underpin the decision to expand operations to Canada. The need to verify sustainable practices is voiced by stakeholders ranging from farmers and consumers to investors. As ambitious sustainability commitments are being laid out within short timelines, the role of a comprehensive and universally applicable framework for enhancing agricultural sustainability becomes ever more evident.

Kenny Fahey, President and CEO of Leading Harvest highlighted the organization’s commitment to driving positive outcomes across the value chain. The seamless expansion of the Farmland Management Standard across continents underscores the necessity of alignment within the sector, contributing to more favorable outcomes for all stakeholders involved. The Canadian pilot program is a testament to Leading Harvest’s dedication to fostering collaboration and sustainability within the Canadian agricultural landscape.

Leading Harvest’s Canadian pilot program has received critical support from key players in the industry. Manulife Investment Management provided Anchoring Support, while Bonnefield Financial, Farm Credit Canada, and McCain Foods contributed their backing to facilitate the endeavor. Adapting the Farmland Management Standard to Canada’s unique agronomic, regulatory, and operational dynamics will involve substantial stakeholder engagement and field testing. Throughout the pilot, Leading Harvest aims to bolster participation and representation from various segments of the agricultural value chain.

As Leading Harvest forges ahead with its Canadian pilot program, it continues to be a shining example of how innovative sustainability standards and comprehensive collaboration can lead to tangible positive change. The organization has positioned itself at the forefront of the global movement towards more sustainable agricultural practices through its outcomes-driven approach. Its transparent and adaptable Farmland Management Standard, backed by robust stakeholder engagement, offers a glimpse into a future where agricultural sustainability is not just a vision but a tangible reality.

Leading Harvest is a non-profit organization at the forefront of enabling and validating the worldwide transition to a more sustainable agricultural system. Through its innovative, third-party audited Farmland Management Standard, Leading Harvest has effectively fostered sustainability across diverse farming operations and a wide array of crop types on a global scale, boasting nearly 3 million enrolled acres. Established in 2020 through the collaboration of stakeholders ranging from farmland owners to corporations, Leading Harvest’s vision extends across regions. It is fortified by the support of Founding Supporters, including industry leaders like Cargill, Nestlé, John Deere, and Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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