Light Science Technologies Holdings has acquired TOMTECH (UK) LIMITED, a move that enhances its Controlled Environment Agriculture division.
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Light Science Technologies Holdings Acquires Tomtech

Light Science Technologies Holdings plc has announced its acquisition of TOMTECH (UK) LIMITED in an ambitious stride toward revolutionizing the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry. Established in 1986, Tomtech has been a prominent name in the field, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for the perfect growing environment. The acquisition sets the stage for a strengthened, diversified portfolio for Light Science Technologies, especially in indoor and controlled agriculture.

Tomtech, based in Lincolnshire—an agricultural hub in the United Kingdom—brings a rich history of 37 years to the table. Specializing in glasshouses, polytunnels, vertical growing systems, and even catering to research centers and Universities, Tomtech has a holistic understanding of the CEA landscape. This complements Light Science Technologies’ specialized lighting solutions and controlled environment tech.

Simon Deacon, CEO of Light Science Technologies Holdings plc, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are delighted to have completed our first acquisition since joining AIM. Tomtech has an excellent team and reputation with its clients, and we believe their range of products, technology, and know-how will further enhance our industry reach and standing.”

By integrating Tomtech’s extensive knowledge and product line into its CEA division, Light Science Technologies Holdings is now positioned to offer complete turnkey solutions to its clientele. These solutions promise to tackle some of the most pressing issues that the agriculture sector faces today, such as rising costs, decreasing yields, and the uncertainties imposed by climate change.

By growing in a controlled environment, farmers can manage the health of their crop, reducing the effect that climate change can have, ensuring our food security,” adds Deacon. “Tomtech enhances our ability as a group to take our extensive product range worldwide, setting us apart from our competitors and helping strengthen our CEA division.”

The acquisition signals a strategic move into a future where food production can be more resilient, efficient, and adaptable to changing environmental conditions. Tomtech’s specialization in various areas of CEA will add valuable insight into the requirements of growers across diverse verticals, making the combined entity a powerhouse of expertise and solutions.

“We are looking forward to working with the team at Tomtech,” Deacon remarks, emphasizing the collective strength that the partnership will unleash.

As the first acquisition since Light Science Technologies joined AIM, the Tomtech purchase is a strong statement of the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the CEA sector. The convergence of technologies and experience promises to create a robust platform capable of addressing the complex challenges of modern agriculture, offering farmers around the globe a lifeline in times of increasing uncertainty. With this acquisition, Light Science Technologies Holdings plc is not just expanding its portfolio but cultivating the future of agriculture.

Image provided by Light Science Technologies Holdings plc

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