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Light Science Technologies News: Acquires Tomtech

Light Science Technologies Holdings has acquired TOMTECH (UK) LIMITED, a move that enhances its Controlled Environment Agriculture division.

Tomtech, based in Lincolnshire—an agricultural hub in the United Kingdom—brings a rich history of 37 years to the table. Specializing in glasshouses, polytunnels, and vertical growing systems, and even catering to research centers and universities, Tomtech has a holistic understanding of the CEA landscape. This complements Light Science Technologies’ specialized lighting solutions and controlled environment tech.

Simon Deacon, CEO of Light Science Technologies Holdings plc, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are delighted to have completed our first acquisition since joining AIM. Tomtech has an excellent team and reputation with its clients, and we believe their range of products, technology, and know-how will further enhance our industry reach and standing.”

By integrating Tomtech’s extensive knowledge and product line into its CEA division, Light Science Technologies Holdings is now positioned to offer complete turnkey solutions to its clientele. These solutions promise to tackle some of the most pressing issues that the agriculture sector faces today, such as rising costs, decreasing yields, and the uncertainties imposed by climate change.

By growing in a controlled environment, farmers can manage the health of their crop, reducing the effect that climate change can have, ensuring our food security,” adds Deacon. “Tomtech enhances our ability as a group to take our extensive product range worldwide, setting us apart from our competitors and helping strengthen our CEA division.”

The acquisition signals a strategic move into a future where food production can be more resilient, efficient, and adaptable to changing environmental conditions. Tomtech’s specialization in various areas of CEA will add valuable insight into the requirements of growers across diverse verticals, making the combined entity a powerhouse of expertise and solutions.

“We are looking forward to working with the team at Tomtech,” Deacon remarks, emphasizing the collective strength that the partnership will unleash.

As the first acquisition since Light Science Technologies joined AIM, the Tomtech purchase is a strong statement of the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the CEA sector. The convergence of technologies and experience promises to create a robust platform capable of addressing the complex challenges of modern agriculture, offering farmers around the globe a lifeline in times of increasing uncertainty. With this acquisition, Light Science Technologies Holdings plc is expanding its portfolio and cultivating the future of agriculture.

Light Science Technology Latest News

Light Science Technologies Hires New Sales Director (2023/01/26)

Light Science Technologies (LST), a Derby-based AgTech firm, has appointed Adam Sedgwick as Sales Director to lead the company’s global growth plans. Sedgwick, a graduate of Harper Adams University with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, brings 30 years of experience in the industry to the role.

Light Science Technologies Finds Supplementary Lighting Gives 12% Crop Yield Increase in Tomato Trial (2022/11/09)

AgTech company Light Science Technologies (LST) has completed a successful tomato trial with Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) to find lower-energy technology solutions for vine crops. The five-month project trialed different light combinations to determine the most efficient regime for energy and yield. Results showed that supplementary light increases crop yield by up to 12.1% even in summer months. Top lighting only is the most energy-efficient lighting regime with 38.2% more fruit per kWh. The trial was carried out in conjunction with CHAP at the Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) in North Yorkshire.

Light Science Technologies Secures Trials for SensorGROW (2022/09/30)

Light Science Technologies (LST) has signed trial contracts for its newly launched sensorGROW, which could lead to recurring revenues of up to £940k ($1m) over three years. LST has also reported increased demand for its agtech specialist trials, with the potential to generate contracts worth £3m. sensorGROW is an all-in-one growing intelligence tool aimed at giving indoor farming operators better environmental control, and it has already established a strong footprint in the CEA market. The European indoor farming sensor market is expected to reach $2.3bn by 2028.

Light Science Technologies Completes 1st Phase of Zenith Project (2022/09/21)

AgriTech firm Light Science Technologies Ltd (LST) has completed the first phase of its project with Zenith Nurseries to develop advanceGROW, a cloche lighting and sensor technology system for the CEA market. The first milestone, known as Gateway 1, which involved developing and demonstrating the viability of the system, is now complete, resulting in revenue of £51,000 for the company. The project is potentially worth up to £13.84 million and will provide year-round harvests for growers across multiple plant varieties in polytunnel and glasshouse environments.

Light Science (LON: LST) Increased Contract & Demand (2022/09/07)

Light Science Technologies Holdings plc (LSTH), the holding company of the Group’s CEA division, Light Science Technologies (LON:LST), recently announced that it has seen increased demand in the Agtech specialist’s paid-for trials. The projects under LST, which provides lighting and sensor solutions in vertical farming, polytunnels, and greenhouses, could result in significant revenue. The recent series of customer trials could generate contracts worth £3m over the next 12 months. LST’s grow lights market has an estimated global market value of £20.5 billion, currently growing at 21%.

Light Science Technologies Strengthens its UoN Partnership (2022/07/15)

Light Science Technologies (LST) has teamed up with the University of Nottingham (UoN) to develop its AgTech capabilities. Kellie Smith, a PhD student from UoN, has joined LST for a three-month placement to help shape the perfect plant recipe for indoor farmers and growers. Kellie is working alongside academic bedfellows CC Foo and Laura Briers at LST’s onsite lab in a three-month strawberry trial, using an optimised light recipe to improve growth and optimise yield. UoN has lent LST a clear chamber head that enables measurements to be made under LST’s light recipe, something the team can’t do without UoN’s specific piece of kit.

Light Science Technologies Expands nurturGROW Offering (2022/07/01)

Light Science Technologies has launched its ‘slimline’ Vertical Farm range, expanding its nurturGROW lighting product portfolio. The Vertical Farm range is designed for closed, climate-controlled growing environments and can be used for cultivating a variety of plants. Its lower profile and bespoke length maximize space and deliver up to nine independent light spectrums to create the perfect light spectrum for crops through the complete crop growth cycle. It is sustainable, and future-proof, and significantly reduces carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of materials used. The new range helps growers optimize crop performance and grow more with less.

Light Science Technologies Launches All-In-One SensorGROW (2022/06/22)

LST has launched a new tool called sensorGROW for indoor farmers to have better environmental control while reducing costs and waste. This all-in-one growing intelligence tool is designed to provide actionable insights to growers in real-time. sensorGROW helps to monitor and control the environment of controlled growing areas such as greenhouses, polytunnels, vertical farms, and containers. The tool brings together real-time environment, crop performance, third party, and key business data to provide instant actionable insight to growers, helping them to make business decisions with confidence.

Light Science Registers Sales Growth (2022/05/12)

Light Science Technologies Holdings has recently acquired Tomtech, a UK-based company specializing in glasshouses, polytunnels, and vertical growing systems, among other things. By integrating Tomtech’s knowledge and product line into its CEA division, Light Science Technologies Holdings can now offer complete turnkey solutions to its customers, helping to address some of the most pressing issues facing the agricultural sector. The acquisition marks a strategic move towards a future where food production can be more resilient, efficient, and adaptable to changing environmental conditions.

Image provided by Light Science Technologies Holdings plc

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