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Manda Harvest Partners With SEPEC Consults For EMEA Expansion

Manda USA

The partnership will enable the distribution of Manda’s landmark products across Europe and the Middle East.

VANNES, LOS ANGELES 17 June 2022. With the increasing demand to use organic produce within farm operations, indoor, CEA, or fields, SEPEC CONSULTS, an engineering company specializing in vertical farming equipment, has entered into a partnership with Manda Fermentation USA*, a settled family-owned business building on 300 years of existence and over 23 years of research dedicated to creating fermented products, to distribute its landmark fermented fertilizer in Europe and later to the Middle East.

SEPEC CONSULTS, which operates and sells shipping container farms throughout Europe and the Middle East, is proud to represent and distribute the esteemed company, Manda, and the Matsuura family.” Says Jean-Luc Achard, SEPEC Consults CEO & Chairman “SEPEC Consults will include Manda as a distributor of fertilizers for its clients and enable customers across Europe and soon the Middle East to order the products online through a dedicated website and our network.”

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“The Manda Fermentation family is honored to partner with SEPEC Consults to help CEA growers raise a higher quality, more nutritious crop and become more successful farmers.” Says Yasuhito Nakajima, COO Manda USA “Fermentation has been used in agriculture for thousands of years, and Manda is excited to align our traditional fermentation practices and products with SEPEC’s modern technology and farms to contribute to the wellness of people and the earth.”

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The need to ensure sustainable product usage.

Recent natural catastrophes throughout the world have only exacerbated the need for changes in our agriculture value chain. The use of indoor vertical farms enables to save more water and decreases the logistics of supplying food to communities, less carbon impact, less transportation, less energy consumption. Nonetheless, the use of natural products in the production of crops only furthers sustainable engagements of vertical farms throughout the world. By using Manda fertilizer product, we are convinced that our engagement with the organic production is matching with our duty and behaviour.

About Manda Harvest: Manda Harvest is an organic, fermented fertilizer made by blending 41 carefully selected botanical ingredients and fermenting them for over three years. It has been used successfully in Japanese agriculture for over 30 years. 

About Manda Fermentation*: The Manda brand is over 380 years old and is a 12th-generation family-owned company. Formerly a sake brewery on a small island in southern Japan, Manda later focused its considerable fermentation experience on creating products that benefit the health of people and our planet. 

*Manda Fermentation USA Inc. is a subsidiary of Manda Fermentation Co. LTD.

About SEPEC CONSULTS SAS: SEPEC Consults SAS is an engineering company specializing in vertical farming equipment for small or commercial scale needs. With operations in Europe, the Middle East & Asia, the company leverages its production facilities in Europe & Middle East. 

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