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Japan Vertical Farms Joins The Strawberry Trend

Over the past months, we’ve seen a trend of vertical farming facilities moving from greens to strawberry production, Bowery Farming, Plenty, OnePointOne and Jones Food Company have all started producing strawberries in a span of a few weeks and now, a Japanese company, MD-Farm Co entered into a capital and business partnership with Farming to ramp up the production of strawberry vertical farming systems.

The Japanese company expects to expand nationwide and then internationally as it eyes new market potential thanks to its proprietary equipment developped in their vertical farms. Indeed, the company developped its own automatic shelving and harvesting to further reduce oeprational costs and anticipates expansions in other countries.

Like many other Controlled Environment Agricultuer solutions, their technology is not liable to environmental issues (climate change, climate hazards) as well as the skill level of growers thus removing barriers and expanding an aging sector.


Yuki Matsuda, CEO of MD-Farm, said in a recent Vertical Farm Daily interview with Rebekka Boekhout: “We believe that the quickest way to launch our vertical business in Japan and overseas is to collaborate with the Quantum Leap Group, which has a grand network in business and investment, especially in Japan and overseas.

Nakamura, CEO of Quantum Digital Farming, said: “The Quantum Leap Group believes that healthy companies are an important asset of Japan. MD-Farm is based on steady development, global expansion, and Japanese agriculture. It’s a company that can introduce a fundamental change in agriculture to Japan.”

The two companies will develop this capital and business alliance into a collaborative system with a view to establishing a joint venture in the future. In terms of global expansion from local areas, in order to develop the industrialized DX MD-Farm technology locally, mainly in growing Asia, and to bring about a major paradigm shift to models that are produced closer to consumers. We will continue to collaborate with overseas partners of Quantum Leap. Based on agriculture, we will develop a new industry that combines industrialized DX not only in Japan but globally.


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