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McKinney’s Anticipated 2023 Food Trends Report

McKinney's 2023 Report reveals key culinary trends in Culture, Wellness, Technology, and Social Responsibility.

Key Takeaways:

  1. McKinney’s 2023 Food Trends Report dives deep into four core categories influencing the food industry: Culture, Wellness, Technology, and Social Responsibility.
  2. A major Macro-Trend titled “No Rules” suggests a significant shift in how consumers view food, embracing experimentation and unique pairings.
  3. Technological advancements have revolutionized how people order and interact with food, with touchless options and AI-powered service points like smart fridges.
  4. Social Responsibility has risen to the forefront, with initiatives that convert invasive species into sustainable food options, thus protecting local wildlife.
  5. The rise of influencers, especially in the health and wellness sectors, has changed the way consumers gather information, necessitating a counter-wave of professionals correcting misinformation.

Creative, media, and influencer agency McKinney has unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 Food Trends Report. Delving into the most striking trends in the food industry for 2023, the report segments its findings into four principal categories: Culture, Wellness, Technology, and Social Responsibility. Central to this year’s observations is the Macro-Trend of “No Rules,” which epitomizes breaking traditional boundaries in culinary creations. Reflecting more than just the transient preferences of consumers, these trends provide a window into societal moods and desires, reinforcing the notion that our culinary choices often mirror the zeitgeist.

In light of McKinney’s acquisition of the renowned influencer marketing agency, August United, Jasmine Dadlani, Chief Strategy Officer at McKinney, comments, “The landscape of influence has dramatically shifted. Gone are the days when celebrity chefs on television were the sole trendsetters. Now, a teenager with a smartphone can redefine culinary norms.”

The report elucidates trends in:

CULTURE: Embracing the “No Rules” ethos, the world has witnessed audacious food pairings like Van Leeuwen’s ranch-flavored ice cream and the intriguing “Pilk” – a Pepsi and milk concoction. This audacity encourages chefs and creators alike to innovate without inhibition. Well-known digital creators also foray into the culinary world, bridging the gap between their online brand and tangible culinary experiences.

WELLNESS: The modern age has ushered in a reliance on internet-based health influencers, some of whom propagate unfounded claims. Recognizing the pitfalls of this trend, healthcare professionals are leveraging social platforms to disseminate accurate information and debunk myths. One notable incident involved Poison Control advising against a potentially harmful TikTok trend.

TECHNOLOGY: Technological integration into the food industry has been swift and transformative. From touchless QR code menus to AI-powered smart fridges like those introduced by Subway, technology is changing food service’s face (and lack thereof). Concurrently, the intrigue of space has also influenced our plates with NASA’s groundbreaking success in cultivating plants in lunar soil.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Addressing the challenges posed by invasive species, the food industry is devising innovative solutions. By transforming these species into culinary delights, they ensure environmental preservation while keeping taste buds intrigued. Florida, for instance, has instigated a lionfish tournament, offering hefty prizes to curtail the invasive species’ damaging proliferation.

McKinney’s 2023 Food Trends Report is invaluable for marketers and trendsetters, presenting a thorough understanding of where the industry is heading. The entire report can be requested for a deeper dive.

With its headquarters in Durham, NC, and a presence in several major cities, McKinney is a powerhouse in creativity, media, and influencer outreach. As part of the Cheil Worldwide network, McKinney’s insights span from grassroots trends to global innovations. Their impressive clientele and numerous accolades speak volumes of their commitment to excellence. For more about their endeavors, visit

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