MegaFood, a certified B Corporation celebrating its 50th anniversary, has released its first-ever Impact Report.
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MegaFood’s First Impact Report

MegaFood, a certified B Corporation, has recently unveiled its first-ever Impact Report to mark its 50th anniversary. Celebrated for producing nutrient-rich, planet-first vitamins and minerals, the report gives a comprehensive insight into the brand’s current and future sustainability initiatives and its social responsibility endeavors.

The Impact Report aligns with the stringent parameters the B Corp assessment sets, focusing on four core pillars—Workers, Community, Environment, and Regenerating Supply. This model is more than just an accountability tool; it serves as a roadmap that showcases MegaFood’s commitment to sustainable growth and ethical business practices.

Prioritizing Employees: A Human-Centric Approach
  • Fair Compensation and Gender Equality: MegaFood is a proponent of paying a living wage calculated precisely for Greater Manchester/Nashua, NH. The company also upholds gender pay equality.
  • Safety Measures: MegaFood has lower rates of nonfatal injuries and illnesses than the national average, thanks to rigorous safety protocols.
  • Community Involvement: With a provision for 24 hours of paid volunteer time, employees actively engage in community service. In 2022 alone, they volunteered 546 hours.
  • Diversity Goals: MegaFood strives for a racially and ethnically diverse workforce, boasting a diversity percentage that is more than double that of the state average.
Community Impact: Lending a Helping Hand
  • Financial Support: In 2022, MegaFood donated more than $1.2 million through grants, sponsorships, and product donations.
  • Collaborations: The company collaborates with multiple organizations, including the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) and the American Sustainable Business Network, to foster systemic change toward a sustainable future.
Environmental Responsibility: Lessening the Footprint
  • Operational Efficiency: Initiatives like plastic elimination and shared truckload services have reduced carbon emissions.
  • Renewable Energy: MegaFood is 100% renewably powered through Native Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), encouraging the growth of new and sustainable energy projects.
Regenerating Supply: Soil Health to Shelf
  • Regenerative Agriculture: MegaFood has committed to supporting regenerative agricultural practices, partnering with academic institutions, and investing in the Soil Carbon Accrual Project.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: Over $3 million was spent on certified organic ingredients in 2022, and the company highlighted its suppliers that achieved Regenerative Organic Certification.

As the report indicates, MegaFood’s commitment to sustainability is shallow and short-term. Plans include expanding their reduction projects with an Operations Green Team and adopting a science-based approach to climate action planning, as indicated by Stacia Betley, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact at MegaFood.

MegaFood has been crafting nutrient-rich, planet-first vitamins and minerals for 50 years. The company emphasizes soil health and supports sustainable agricultural practices. MegaFood is also certified Plastic Neutral and has multiple certifications like Non-GMO Project Verified and certified Glyphosate Residue Free.

In releasing its inaugural Impact Report, MegaFood documents its ongoing efforts and opens a channel for constructive dialogue with consumers. The company understands that building a healthier, more sustainable world is a collective effort, inviting everyone to join them in this noble cause.

Image provided by MegaFood

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