MustGrow Biologics Corp. reaches major milestone in commercial production of sustainable biocontrol liquid.
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MustGrow Achieves Milestone in Sustainable Biocontrol Production

MustGrow Biologics Corp., a leading agricultural biotech company, has achieved a significant milestone in its commercial production. The company completed the initial commercial run-rate production of its mustard plant-based biocontrol liquid through a contract manufacturer. This achievement highlights MustGrow’s strategic approach of partnering with third-party manufacturers instead of constructing costly production facilities.

The continuous production run rate of the biocontrol liquid reached over 5,000 liters per day, which is estimated to generate approximately $25 million in annual grower-level revenue. The production process also generated a high protein byproduct ingredient for animal feed, demonstrating MustGrow’s commitment to sustainable practices and zero waste production. Corey Giasson, CEO of MustGrow, expressed his confidence in the company’s ability to produce commercially-scalable quantities of their products, namely TerraSante and TerraMG, which are currently awaiting initial registration approvals. The successful production run also serves as a low-risk continuous-flow process, further mitigating commercialization risk for the company.

By utilizing third-party contract manufacturers, MustGrow significantly reduces the commercialization risk associated with its various agricultural technologies. These technologies include soil amendment, bio-fertility, biocontrol, and postharvest food preservation, all of which are developed in collaboration with global partners such as Janssen PMP, Bayer, Sumitomo Corporation, and NexusBioAg.

MustGrow’s focus on developing organic biocontrol, soil amendment, and bio-fertility products is driven by its commitment to protecting the global food supply and helping farmers sustainably feed the world. The company harnesses the natural defense mechanism and organic materials of the mustard plant to create innovative solutions that could potentially replace harmful synthetic chemicals used in agriculture. The company has conducted over 150 independent tests, validating the efficacy and safety of its products in crop protection and yield enhancements. Pending regulatory approval, MustGrow’s patented liquid products can be applied through various methods, including injection, standard drip, or spray equipment, providing farmers with enhanced functionality and performance.

MustGrow’s technology is versatile and applicable in several industries, ranging from pre-plant soil treatment and weed control to postharvest disease control and food preservation. The company aims to expand its reach in the soil amendment and biofertility markets with new formulations derived from food-grade mustard. MustGrow’s successful commercial production milestone marks a significant step forward in the company’s mission to revolutionize agriculture through sustainable and organic solutions. With their strategic partnerships and commitment to environmental responsibility, MustGrow is well-positioned to make an impact on the global food supply chain and contribute to a more sustainable future for farming.

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