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MustGrow Biologics Launches TerraSante™ in Washington State

Key Takeaways:

  1. MustGrow Biologics Corp. receives Washington State Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Registration for TerraSante™.
  2. TerraSante™, an organic mustard plant-based fertilizer, is now OMRI Listed® and ready for commercial sales in Washington State.
  3. The company is developing a sales and marketing strategy for the 2024 planting season, with expansion plans in other key U.S. states.
  4. TerraSante™ aims to support organic agriculture and reduce reliance on synthetic products.
  5. MustGrow’s soil amendment and biofertility programs focus on improving soil and ecological health.

TerraSante™: A New Organic Solution for Agriculture

MustGrow Biologics Corp. is pleased to announce the receipt of the Washington State Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Registration Certificate for TerraSante™, its mustard plant-based crop fertilizer and soil amendment product. Following its organic compliance certification from the USDA National Organic Program (OMRI Listed®), TerraSante™ is set to revolutionize organic farming practices in Washington State.

Commercialization and Market Strategy

With the green light for commercial sales in Washington State, MustGrow is collaborating with BioAg Product Strategies to formulate a robust sales and marketing strategy for TerraSante™, targeting the 2024 planting season. The company is also rapidly progressing with registration efforts in other significant U.S. agricultural states.

Impact on U.S. Agriculture

Corey Giasson, President & CEO of MustGrow, highlights the importance of organic innovations in agriculture. Washington State, known for its rich soils and diverse climates, is a leading producer of various crops. With an agriculture production value of USD 9.49 billion and significant organic farming acreage, the introduction of TerraSante™ aligns with the region’s ongoing efforts to reduce synthetic products and embrace natural biologics.

MustGrow’s Comprehensive Biocontrol Programs

MustGrow’s soil amendment and biofertility initiatives complement its existing biocontrol programs, including pre-plant soil fumigation, postharvest food preservation, and bioherbicide development. Collaborating with global partners like Janssen PMP, Bayer, Sumitomo Corporation, and NexusBioAg, the company continues to achieve milestones and expand its global scope and investment.

TerraSante™ for Soil and Ecological Health

TerraSante™ is designed to focus on soil and soil microbiome health, nutrient and water use efficiencies, and plant yields. As a soil amendment in mixable form, it feeds soil microbes, potentially improving microbial activity and ensuring sustainable soil health. These improvements can increase plant vigor and yields, reduce plant stress, and enhance crop nutrient uptake without artificial additives or preservatives.

Photo by toinane on Unsplash 

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