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MustGrow & NexusBioAg’s Field Trials

MustGrow Biologics Corp. collaborates with NexusBioAg to launch large-scale field trials in Canada, testing TerraMGTM
Key Takeaways
  1. MustGrow Biologics Corp. is set to conduct large-scale field trials in partnership with NexusBioAg to advance their TerraMGTM soil biopesticide technology for Canadian canola and pulse crops.
  2. Health Canada’s PMRA has approved the inclusion of TerraMGTM in NexusBioAg’s 2024 BioAdvantage Trials Program (BAT Program), which is pivotal for the pre-plant soil treatment against detrimental diseases like clubroot and aphanomyces.
  3. The collaboration emphasizes sustainable farming solutions, combining MustGrow’s organic biocontrol technology with NexusBioAg’s crop nutrition expertise to benefit the Canadian agricultural sector and support regenerative agriculture practices.
  4. Economic impact and the demand for sustainable crop protection measures are underscored by the significant annual financial losses attributed to diseases affecting canola and pulse crops, estimated at C$500 million and C$125 million, respectively.
  5. This partnership aligns with the growing global trend towards plant-based agricultural products and protein, with a market projected to grow significantly in the coming years.

MustGrow Biologics Corp., a trailblazer in agricultural biotech innovation, is embarking on a crucial phase of its journey to redefine plant health and crop protection. In a groundbreaking partnership with NexusBioAg, a division of Univar Solutions, MustGrow is pleased to announce that Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved the commencement of large-scale field trials under the aegis of NexusBioAg’s 2024 BioAdvantage Trials Program (BAT Program). This marks a significant milestone for MustGrow’s TerraMGTM, a mustard-derived biopesticide, positioning it for widespread adoption as a pre-plant soil treatment for diseases ravaging canola and pulse crops across Canada.

NexusBioAg, known for its broad portfolio of crop nutrition solutions and its commitment to agricultural innovation, has found a complementary ally in MustGrow. Together, they share a vision of advancing sustainable farming practices that not only boost crop yields but also protect the environment. NexusBioAg’s BAT Program is revered as a touchstone for field trialing, with a proven process to collect substantial data across varied farming conditions in Canada. The inclusion of TerraMGTM in this program is expected to offer profound insights into its effectiveness in real-world agricultural settings.

Daniel Samphir, NexusBioAg’s Senior Marketing Manager, expressed the palpable excitement within the farming community to witness the capabilities of TerraMGTM. With the looming threats of clubroot and aphanomyces diseases leading to potentially devastating crop losses, the industry eagerly awaits a solution to address these challenges head-on. The diseases currently do not have a foolproof remedy, and the financial repercussions are significant – with estimated annual losses of C$500 million for canola and C$125 million for pulse crops.

The partnership between MustGrow and NexusBioAg couldn’t be more timely as the world increasingly turns to sustainable and plant-based solutions in agriculture. The push for a more sustainable approach is partly driven by the anticipated growth in the global plant-based protein market, which is expected to soar from US$14.1 billion in 2021 to US$17.4 billion by 2027. MustGrow’s technology, which capitalizes on the natural defenses of the mustard plant, is not only innovative but also aligns with the ethical and health consciousness that is driving consumer choices today.

For Canadian farmers, the BAT Program offers a beacon of hope – the promise of combating crop diseases with a product that is rooted in sustainability and efficacy. With extensive independent tests validating MustGrow’s organic approach, the anticipation for regulatory approval is high. This partnership is poised to unleash a new era of plant and soil health technologies that could revolutionize crop protection, heralding a future where food security and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

As MustGrow continues collaborating with global leaders like Janssen PMP, Bayer, and Sumitomo Corporation, its commitment to sustainability, food protection, and yield enhancement stands firm. With 50.1 million basic common shares issued and outstanding, MustGrow is scaling up its operational footprint. It is determined to play a pivotal role in helping farmers feed the world through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash 

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