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MustGrow Partners with Bio Ag Product Strategies

MustGrow partners with Bio Ag Product Strategies to develop sustainable soil amendment and biofertility technologies for enhanced crop yield.

MustGrow Biologics Corp., an agriculture biotech company, has signed a Contract Services Agreement with Bio Ag Product Strategies to develop and commercialize MustGrow’s soil amendment and biofertility technologies. The agreement will focus on enhancing soil and microbiome health, improving nutrient and water use efficiencies, and increasing plant yields. Initially, the development work will concentrate on regions in Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona before expanding nationwide in the United States.

Bio Ag Product Strategies brings extensive knowledge and a successful track record of working with organizations to develop markets, and target retailers and farmers. The collaboration between MustGrow and Bio Ag Product Strategies aims to introduce new innovations that support food production in conventional and organic agriculture. As the pressure to reduce or ban the use of synthetic products continues to grow, the natural products developed by MustGrow hold promise for commercial-scale adoption in the fruit and vegetable-producing regions of the united states

MustGrow has been actively engaged in market research, formulation activities, and partnership discussions throughout 2022. The company has expanded its global intellectual property portfolio to include soil amendment and biofertility applications alongside its existing programs in pre-plant biocontrol, post-harvest food preservation, and bioherbicide. These initiatives are being developed in collaboration with four global partners: Janssen PMP, Bayer, Sumitomo Corporation, and NexusBioAg.

One of MustGrow’s products in the soil amendment and biofertility sector is TerraSante. This plant-based soil conditioner contains nutritious plant proteins and carbohydrates that feed soil microbes, promoting beneficial microbial activity and long-term sustainable soil health. By improving nutrient availability, TerraSante has the potential to enhance crop nutrient uptake, increase plant vigor and yields, and reduce plant stress. The product does not contain artificial additives or preservatives.

The global fertilizer market is projected to reach $242 billion by 2030, with the soil amendment and biofertility sub-markets estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.0% and 12.3%, respectively. MustGrow aims to target these markets with TerraSante and other branded products, presenting a potential market opportunity of over $15 billion globally by 2030.

The need for alternatives to synthetic fertilizers has become increasingly important due to the expanding global population and the focus on sustainable agriculture. Governments worldwide are setting targets to reduce fertilizer use while ensuring soil fertility and minimizing environmental impact. MustGrow’s soil amendment and biofertility innovations align with these objectives and offer a potential solution to balance the reduction in synthetic fertilizer use while increasing farm production, profitability, economic growth, and global food security.

Image provided by Crusenho Agus Hennihuno

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