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NatureGrowth Welcomes Top Israeli Agtech Scientists to Board

NatureGrowth strengthens its Agtech incubation leadership with the addition of distinguished scientists to its scientific advisory board.

NatureGrowth, a rising star in the global Agtech incubation landscape, has announced the induction of eight of Israel’s most respected Agtech scientists into its Scientific Advisory Board. This remarkable team, comprising individuals with substantial academic and industry backgrounds, is set to elevate the collective expertise of the board and further strengthen NatureGrowth’s position in the Agtech sector.

The scientists joining NatureGrowth’s Scientific Advisory Board bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Prof. Oded Shoseyov, known as the “Father of the Agri-Foodtech Ecosystem in Israel,” is a professor at Hebrew University. He has co-founded numerous initiatives and continues to shape agri-foodtech in Israel and beyond. Prof. Yoram Kapulnik, Executive Director of the U.S.-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD), has over 25 years of experience as a Professor of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology. His expertise lies in plant-microorganism interactions and natural products.

Dganit Vered, the CEO of Israel’s only public fund specializing in agtech investments, brings a wealth of experience from senior management roles at Intel, Perrigo, and Hazera Seeds. Her dedication to impacting the world through technology and extensive involvement in agtech investments makes her an invaluable addition to the board. Dr. Eyal Emmanuel is a scientist and entrepreneur with extensive R&D leadership experience in multiple Ag-Tech initiatives. His range of experiences includes leading science at Evogene, nurturing startups as the CTO of the Agrinovation-Yissum fund, and co-founding Israel’s CrisprIL consortium. Currently, he leads Plantae Bioscience R&D in HUMINN. Prof. Eyal Shimoni, formerly the CTO of Strauss, Israel’s largest food company, is an accomplished figure in Food Tech. He co-founded The Kitchen, Israel’s leading food-tech incubator, and has a wide range of credentials in mentoring, consulting, and board memberships.

Dr. Nadav Galon, a specialist in Cattle Medicine and former Chief Veterinary Officer of Israel, brings valuable knowledge of animal health, welfare, food supply, safety, and public administration to the board. His extensive work with dairy farms and experience managing veterinary services bolsters the board’s expertise. Dr. Gal Yarden, a serial entrepreneur, and early-stage investor, is renowned for his groundbreaking work in plant genetics. His focus on cultivating innovative technologies and disruptive solutions to global food challenges led to the founding of the AgChimedes Group. He also holds executive/director roles in various portfolio companies.

Dr. Eli Even, a distinguished researcher and former member of the Israeli National R&D Council, has a notable track record in the Venture Capital field. With a Ph.D. in applied chemistry, his experience includes investment management, due diligence, business development, and investment strategy planning. His role as CEO of Slibio Coating further enriches his profile in both agbusiness and agscience. NatureGrowth’s investment committee, led by Dr. Gaya Loren, Dr. Noam Chehanovsky, and Agronomist Rotem Daphna, will collaborate closely with this esteemed scientific advisory board. Together, they will ensure that NatureGrowth’s investments are directed towards the most promising Agtech technologies that address the pressing challenges in global agriculture.

The addition of these top-notch scientists to the board is a testament to NatureGrowth’s commitment to revolutionizing agriculture on a global scale. Dr. Noam Chehanovsky, Chief Scientist of NatureGrowth, expresses the team’s excitement, stating that their unique insights, expertise, and forward-thinking approach align perfectly with the company’s mission.

NatureGrowth is quickly cementing its position as a frontrunner in Agtech startup incubation. With its strategic focus on mitigating the world’s most severe agricultural challenges, the company plays a critical role in addressing the environmental changes and burgeoning population growth we face today. The addition of these esteemed scientists to the board highlights NatureGrowth’s dedication to becoming a globally recognized leader in Agtech incubation.

NatureGrowth is an Agtech incubator that nurtures the world’s most promising Agtech startups based on scientific developments in Israel and around the world. By offering comprehensive support, including financial backing, mentorship, state-of-the-art labs, and access to a global network, NatureGrowth is committed to solving the critical agricultural challenges we face and creating sustainable and effective solutions for the future of agriculture.

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