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Netafim’s Sustainable Shift: Certified Recycling in Irrigation

Netafim, a global leader in precision irrigation, achieves new sustainability heights with its certified recycling program
Key Takeaways:
  1. Netafim has received a certification for its robust recycling program and a separate recycled content certification for its sustainable production inputs.
  2. The SCS Recycled Content Certification ensures transparency about the recycled content in products.
  3. Netafim’s ReGen Recycling Facility, established in California, has been recycling end-of-life irrigation tubing since 2007.
  4. This initiative emphasizes Netafim’s commitment to allowing growers to reuse materials that would have otherwise been destined for landfills.
  5. Netafim and Orbia Precision Agriculture emphasize their dedication to addressing significant global sustainability challenges.

Netafim, an Orbia business and the global frontrunner in precision irrigation solutions, recently celebrated an esteemed certification for its recycling program. The company’s sustainability goals have been further strengthened by recognizing their production inputs, sourced sustainably from Netafim’s ReGen™ recycling and manufacturing activities based in California.

The SCS Recycled Content Certification, which Netafim now proudly holds, is designed to evaluate and validate products manufactured from materials diverted from the waste stream, either as pre-consumer or post-consumer inputs. This certification ensures that products can truthfully and accurately claim recycled content proportions in the market.

In California, Netafim’s dedicated ReGen Recycling Facility has led since 2007, showcasing how the company responsibly recycles end-of-life irrigation tubing. The used tubing is meticulously shredded, cleansed, and pelletized with a proprietary process refined over nearly two decades. This results in top-tier recycled inputs for production. Such sustainable processes culminate in the creation of premium drip irrigation tubing primed for reuse.

Tate Kelley, the Product Manager for Netafim USA, accentuated the company’s commitment, remarking, “Achieving the SCS Recycled Content and Recycling Program Certifications emphasizes our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Our holistic recycling approach empowers growers to adopt a sustainable agricultural model, letting them utilize materials that might have been discarded into landfills earlier.” The recognition and endorsement of both Netafim and Orbia Precision Agriculture solidify their esteemed roles in addressing global sustainability predicaments.

Netafim is the cornerstone of Orbia’s Precision Agriculture endeavors and is recognized as the world’s premier irrigation entity. It’s a visionary in precision agricultural solutions, aiming to combat scarcity in vital resources like food, water, and land for a sustainable future. With its origins in 1965, Netafim ushered in the era of drip irrigation. With a presence in over 110 nations, the company provides custom-tailored irrigation solutions to millions, advocating “grow more with less.”

Orbia’s mission resonates with a common purpose: to enrich lives globally. With businesses spanning sectors like Polymer Solutions, Building and Infrastructure, Precision Agriculture, Connectivity Solutions, and Fluorinated Solutions, Orbia aims to redefine the future, ensure essential resource security, and foster a circular economy.

Image provided by Netafim

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