New York Sun Works names Education Director Liz McKoy and hydroponic experts, fortifying their commitment to education and urban farming.
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New Leadership and Specialists at New York Sun Works

New York Sun Works has made two significant announcements that underscore its commitment to fostering curiosity, knowledge, and community involvement. The nonprofit organization, renowned for its innovative hydroponic farming labs in schools, appointed Liz McKoy as the Education Director and welcomed a team of 11 hydroponic specialists. This strategic expansion signifies the organization’s continued dedication to enhancing science education and sustainable practices for the next generation.

One of the most notable updates is the appointment of Liz McKoy as the Education Director of New York Sun Works. With her over two decades of experience in education, teacher training, and leadership, Liz McKoy’s expertise is poised to elevate the organization’s educational initiatives. Having spent a decade as a science teacher in NYC public schools, McKoy is uniquely equipped to understand the needs of both educators and students. Her academic background, including a doctorate in Urban Education from the CUNY Graduate Center, underscores her dedication to improving outcomes in STEM fields for historically underrepresented groups.

McKoy’s commitment to educational equity is evident through her past roles, including an Adjunct Assistant Professorship at CUNY Hunter College, where she is actively involved in shaping the next generation of educators. Her appointment as Education Director at New York Sun Works is a testament to the organization’s focus on creating a solid educational foundation for students, fostering scientific curiosity, and encouraging sustainable practices.

In addition to the appointment of Liz McKoy, New York Sun Works has expanded its team by including 11 hydroponic specialists. These experts, who join an already talented group of hydroponics and urban farming professionals, are set to play a pivotal role in supporting partner schools. Their tasks include delivering ongoing professional development for science teachers and offering administrative support to school leaders, ensuring the success and growth of the hydroponic labs within educational institutions.

This move underscores New York Sun Works’ commitment to building hydroponic farming labs and maintaining a solid ecosystem that supports educators and empowers students. By providing the necessary resources and guidance, these hydroponic specialists are helping schools integrate sustainable practices into their curricula and cultivate a greener, more informed generation.

Since its inception in 2004, New York Sun Works has been on a transformative journey, driving education through urban farming. The organization’s impact has been remarkable, with more than 30 hydroponics and urban farming experts already on board. The hydroponic specialists’ addition and the appointment of Liz McKoy as Education Director signal New York Sun Works’ unwavering commitment to enhancing science education and promoting sustainability.

New York Sun Works’ mission to deliver inquiry-based K-12 science and sustainability education through the lens of urban farming resonates with the ever-growing need to integrate environmental consciousness into educational curricula. By utilizing hydroponic technology, the organization empowers students to explore the possibilities of indoor vertical farming, energy-efficient LED lighting, and soil-free growth mediums. This hands-on experience aligns with scientific standards and encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and an appreciation for sustainable practices.

As the organization collaborates with more than 300 schools, reaching over 100,000 students annually in New York City and the metro area, it’s evident that New York Sun Works is creating a positive ripple effect within communities. By nurturing the growth of environmental innovators and equipping them to tackle 21st-century climate challenges, New York Sun Works is sowing the seeds of a greener, more sustainable future.

New York Sun Works exemplifies how innovation, dedication, and collaboration can shape a brighter tomorrow in a world where education and sustainability are paramount. With Liz McKoy at the helm of education and a team of hydroponic specialists ready to make a lasting impact, the organization is poised to continue inspiring the next generation of urban farmers and scientists.

Image provided by New York Sun Works

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