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Next Gen Foods Debuts Innovative Plant-Based Chicken Technology

Next Gen Foods Debuts Innovative Plant-Based Chicken Technology

Next Gen Foods, the creator of the popular plant-based chicken substitutes TiNDLE and Mwah!, has given an early glimpse of its groundbreaking technology platform, TiNDLE TrueCut™. Additionally, the company announced its latest food service products, TiNDLE Chicken Wings and TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage, which will be showcased for the first time at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago from May 20-23.

Over two years, TiNDLE has expanded rapidly from a limited presence in a handful of Singaporean restaurants to being offered in thousands of eateries and supermarkets worldwide. The brand has solidified its standing in meat-centric markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The company continues to evolve its comprehensive product portfolio to cater to consumer needs by integrating its latest offerings: TiNDLE TrueCut™, TiNDLE Chicken Wings, and TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage.

TiNDLE TrueCut™ represents the future of whole-muscle meat. This technology underpins a new line of plant-based whole-muscle chicken that leverages advanced techniques in plant-based protein development to deliver unmatched flavor, texture, and mouthfeel. As consumer expectations for plant-based meats to replicate the authentic experience of traditional meats increase, the introduction of TiNDLE TrueCut™ technology to the brand’s expanding plant-based chicken product line is timely.

TiNDLE TrueCut™ replicates the effects of fat content and muscle tissue found in poultry chicken with simple plant-based ingredients, providing the same firm chew and desirable umami flavor as a whole chicken cut. The innovation lies in its ability to perfect meat texture during manufacturing. It utilizes a base protein made from five components: water, soy protein, sunflower and rapeseed oils, natural flavorings, and salt. In addition, it contains no GMO ingredients or cholesterol.

The product results from extensive development led by Next Gen Foods’ expert R&D team, including Chief Technology Officer John Seegers. The team used innovative methods to refine proteins and fibers and accurately emulate animal meat’s taste and cooking characteristics derived from a combination of muscle tissue and fat. As a result, the TiNDLE TrueCut™ technology enables the Next Gen team to customize various chicken meat cuts at an unprecedented speed, providing an authentic poultry experience.

While the company has yet to announce a launch date for the new products featuring TiNDLE TrueCut™, it promises to share additional details about its release later this year.

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