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OREON Granted DLC Listing For Water-Cooled LED Fixtures

Oreon LED Lighting

Oreon announced its water-colled LED fixtures qualified to receive the DesignLights Consortium® Listing. According to Twan Mennink, CTO of Oreon, “The DLC listing stresses that the high efficiency and dependability of our LED grow lights and water cooling technology is acknowledged by an independent and reputable authority.” The DLC is a nonprofit organization that enhances the built environment’s human experience, lighting quality, and energy efficiency. To develop solutions for a brighter future with better lighting, utility companies, energy efficiency programs, manufacturers, lighting designers, building owners, and governmental organizations work together.

DLC has previously been unable to include Oreon on its Qualified Product List (QPL) due to a lack of testing procedures, standards, and criteria for liquid-cooled lamps. The DLC acknowledged that liquid-cooled LEDs “hold great promise for increased efficacy and lifetime, as well as the ability to more efficiently move and use waste heat in an enclosed facility,” but up until recently, no water-cooled LED fixtures could be DLC listed. This was despite the fact that the DLC supported the actively cooled lighting technique.

Oreon and DLC have been in continuous touch over the past few years to talk about a set of technical specifications that would accurately reflect the characteristics of water-cooled lighting fixtures. As a result, the DLC updated their Technical Requirements for LED-based Horticultural Lighting Version 2.1 to include liquid-cooled lights in September 2021. Parallel to this, Oreon held lengthy discussions with recognized labs to have their facilities ready for evaluating the effectiveness of water-cooled fixtures in accordance with DLC requirements. Oreon’s fixtures have undergone UL8800 safety testing and have earned the ETL certification, attesting to their compliance with all applicable safety regulations. The Monarch top light fixture was given a DLC designation because, in addition to everything else, the high-efficiency Oreon fixtures fully comply with the DLC standards.

“We are excited that water-cooled fixtures may be added to the DLC list. A wise and justifiable DLC choice. Smaller fixtures, more output, improved efficiency, and the ability to recycle heat are all benefits of water cooling. According to Bill Whittaker, Oreon’s North American sales manager, “properties that are advantageous to the farmers, utility providers, and the environment. These general characteristics of our fixtures are highlighted in the DLC listing. A variety of items will eventually be approved and added to the DLC list as a consequence of client needs and our capacity to customize light spectra.”

Growers may find a well-supported efficiency guarantee for each lighting product on the DLC website. Whittaker: “Growers in North America may now choose to receive a refund from utility providers on the purchase of our DLC-listed fixtures thanks to our DLC listing. To offer 10–50% back on the initial cost of the product and shorten the ROI, many utility companies are structuring rebate programs for growers to switch from High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) to energy-efficient LED grow lights.

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