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Oreon Unveils Innovative Multilayer LED Fixture, Embrace XL

Oreon, a high-end LED grow lights manufacturer and developer based in the Netherlands, recently announced its latest vertical and indoor farming product: Embrace XL. This new multilayer LED fixture under the Dutch Powerhouse series comes with advanced water-cooling technology, exceptional efficiency, robustness, and flexibility. It offers a perfect light distribution without direct heat radiation and can be integrated into any rack system.

The vertical and indoor farming industry has seen significant innovation and growth in recent years, albeit with varied success due to challenges such as high costs per square meter and excessive energy consumption. Oreon’s Embrace XL, equipped with water-cooled technology, has been designed to overcome these obstacles. Its high-efficiency operation is supported by two types of reflectors that ensure optimal lighting with minimal light loss at the edges.

The Embrace XL addresses a key challenge in vertical farming: managing heat and humidity between cultivation layers. The fixture’s active water cooling technology, combined with an external driver, minimizes its impact on the growing climate. This leads to reduced temperature fluctuations and stable humidity and CO2 values. The water cooling feature also helps maintain a low operating temperature of the lamp, benefitting the climate, the light output, and the longevity of the electronics and LEDs. Instead of being wasted, the heat generated by the LEDs can be sustainably reused elsewhere thanks to water-cooling technology.

One of the key advantages of the Embrace XL is its high light uniformity exceeding 90%. This is made possible by strategically positioning the LEDs and integrated reflectors, ensuring even illumination across a large area, including the edges. With a light output of up to 824 μmol/s and an efficiency of 3.8 μmol/J (which can rise to 4.0 μmol/J at 50% dim level), the fixture provides adequate lighting with reduced energy consumption. The considerable length of the Embrace XL (2.13 m) also implies fewer fixtures need to be installed.

The Embrace XL’s spectrum and light intensity can be dynamically adjusted via the Oreon LED Control Center, a wireless control feature compatible with a climate computer. This allows for infinite control groups, which can be tailored per layer. This flexibility enhances the quality and quantity of the crop and promotes efficient and sustainable cultivation in a controlled climate.

Oreon will introduce the new Embrace XL at the Greentech in Amsterdam from Tuesday, June 13, to Thursday, June 15. Attendees can visit stand 01.632 in hall 1 for a firsthand look at this breakthrough LED fixture.

Image provided by Oreon


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