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P2 Science Secures Funding to Expand Product Citropol®

Green chemistry company P2 Science, Secures Funding to Expand Product Citropol®

P2 Science Inc. has recently announced the completion of a funding round led by Lewis & Clark AgriFood, a St. Louis-based investment group specializing in food and agriculture innovation. The round also included participation from existing investors, such as Chanel, Elm Street Ventures, Heritage Group Ventures, SaferMade, and BASF Venture Capital.

The primary focus of this funding round was to expand the sales and production of P2 Science’s flagship product, Citropol®. This range of high-performance ingredients is a patented alternative to petrochemicals and silicones, commonly used in personal care, cosmetics, and beauty products. P2 Science transforms renewable forest-derived feedstocks into Citropol® through its proprietary Process Intensified Continuous Etherification (PICE) technology, which is safe for human health and the environment.

Citropol® has already received significant recognition in the beauty industry, winning five industry awards in 2022, including the Innovation Best Breakthrough Supplier Award from BeautyMatter. In addition, Unilever’s haircare brand, Living Proof, launched three new products using P2 Science’s ingredients in January 2023.


P2 Science has also developed other proprietary products and chemistries across industries, including flavor, fragrance, specialty materials, and more. One process that has garnered particular interest is Process Intensified Ozonolysis (PIOz), which is more efficient, scalable, and has a smaller footprint than traditional ozonolysis. In May 2020, P2 announced a Joint Development Agreement with Archer Daniels Midland to commercialize renewable plant-based products across high-value markets, such as nylons, polyesters, lubricants, and agrochemicals, utilizing PIOz.

P2 Science is a green chemistry company founded by Professor Paul Anastas, head of the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. The company has already made strides in its field, opening its first manufacturing plant in September 2018, producing renewable aroma chemicals and cosmetic ingredients. The involvement of Lewis & Clark AgriFood in this funding round highlights the importance of sustainable, high-value, and high-performance products in the food and agriculture sector. Chuck Warta, Operating Partner with Lewis & Clark AgriFood, expressed excitement for partnering with P2 Science to create a world-leading green chemistry company rooted in technology.

P2 Science’s success in developing sustainable and high-performance alternatives to traditional petrochemicals and silicones is a promising sign for the future of green chemistry. With the continued support of investors like Lewis & Clark AgriFood and a commitment to innovation, P2 Science is well-positioned to drive positive change in the cosmetics, personal care, and beauty industries.

Image provided by P2 Science Inc.

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