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Pattern Ag & Stine Seed Forge Strategic Partnership to Combat Corn Rootworm

Pattern Ag & Stine Seed Forge Strategic Partnership to Combat Corn Rootworm

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pattern Ag and Stine Seed announce a strategic partnership to address Corn Rootworm.
  2. The collaboration has led to the development of the Stine Prescriptive Pathogen Report.
  3. This innovative tool predicts Corn Rootworm infestations with 90% accuracy.
  4. The partnership aims to reduce yield losses caused by Corn Rootworms in the U.S.
  5. Stine offers this report discounted to its Corn Loyalty level customers.

A Groundbreaking Collaboration in Agriculture

Pattern Ag, a leader in Predictive Agriculture, has partnered with Stine Seed, a top provider of premium seeds and genetics, to introduce a pioneering solution against Corn Rootworm. This collaboration has resulted in the Stine Prescriptive Pathogen Report, a tool designed to predict and mitigate the risks associated with Corn Rootworm infestations.

The Stine Prescriptive Pathogen Report

The Prescriptive Pathogen Report utilizes Pattern Ag’s advanced testing capabilities to predict field pressure and economic risk from Corn Rootworms. By analyzing DNA in the soil, the report can detect the presence and abundance of Corn Rootworm with an impressive accuracy rate of 90%. This tool is crucial for farmers to accurately identify the need for Corn Rootworm protection.

Empowering Farmers with Knowledge

Myron Stine, President of Stine, emphasizes the power of knowledge in agriculture. The Prescriptive Pathogen Report, born from the partnership with Pattern Ag, is a step towards empowering farmers with critical information for making informed crop protection and yield optimization decisions.

Accessibility and Affordability for Farmers

Stine offers the Prescriptive Pathogen Report at a special discounted rate to its Corn Loyalty level customers to support its customers. This initiative, partially subsidized by Stine, makes this advanced tool accessible and affordable, aligning with Stine’s commitment to high-yield seed development and informed farming practices.

Proactive and Strategic Approach to Pest Management

This partnership marks a shift from reactive measures to a proactive, strategic approach to pest management. Stine, leveraging Pattern Ag’s predictive soil analysis, can now engage in more insightful discussions with customers about pest risks and crop protection strategies, leading to improved yield and quality outcomes management.

A New Era in Data-Driven Agriculture

Mike Tweedy, Vice President of Sales for Pattern Ag, highlights the significance of this collaboration. Combining Stine’s seed expertise with Pattern Ag’s advanced analytics heralds a new era of data-driven, prescriptive farming. This partnership is set to empower farmers with smarter decision-making tools, increasing yields and profitability and advancing the agricultural industry.

Photo by Christophe Maertens on Unsplash 

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