Phospholutions secures a $10.15 million investment to accelerate the commercialization of its RhizoSorb sustainable fertilizer technology.
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Phospholutions: Pioneering Sustainable Fertilizer Technology

Fertilizers, essential for optimizing crop yields, have been a double-edged sword, as their production, application, and mismanagement can lead to detrimental environmental impacts. Phospholutions Inc., a trailblazing innovator in sustainable fertilizer technology, is tackling this challenge head-on with its groundbreaking product, RhizoSorb.

Recent news has highlighted Phospholutions’ strides in this realm, as the company secured an additional investment of $10.15 million from leading global fertilizer companies and investors. This substantial capital injection is set to expedite the commercialization of RhizoSorb in the U.S. row crop market. Among the notable investors are Advantage Capital, Conti Ventures (a division of Continental Grain Company), Tekfen Ventures, Maumee Ventures, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. The roster of supporters also features Keytrade, a prominent global fertilizer trader, marking a new avenue of investment and collaboration.

The visionary team at Phospholutions recognizes that while fertilizers are indispensable for global food security, their conventional formulations and usage patterns contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. The manufacturing, application, and inefficient utilization of conventional phosphorus fertilizers result in wastage and runoff, polluting water resources and exacerbating harmful phenomena like Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs). This mismanagement has a direct impact on water quality, affecting over 70% of the world’s freshwater resources.

Conventional phosphorus fertilizers also suffer from low efficiency, with as little as 10% of applied phosphorus being utilized by crops in the year of application. These inefficiencies not only waste valuable resources but also contribute to eutrophication, a phenomenon where excess nutrients lead to oxygen depletion in water bodies, further harming aquatic ecosystems and exacerbating carbon emissions.

Enter RhizoSorb, a patented innovation that disrupts the conventional paradigm of fertilizer application. What sets RhizoSorb apart is its integration into the production process of conventional phosphates, resulting in a product that significantly reduces the need for phosphorus application while maintaining crop yields. Studies have shown that RhizoSorb can reduce phosphorus applications by up to 50%, thereby offering farmers both economic benefits and environmental stewardship. This revolutionary technology enables crops to receive the same amount of phosphorus with only half the applied fertilizer, effectively reducing waste and runoff.

Jason Burke, the Vice President of Finance at Phospholutions, highlights the importance of this endeavor by stating, “We are pleased to welcome new investors like Advantage and Keytrade supporting our efforts to accelerate commercialization of our phosphate efficiency technology. Additionally, the continued support from our existing investors really fortifies what we are doing to bring new sustainable fertilizers to the U.S. farmer.”

Phospholutions’ impact goes beyond economic and environmental benefits—it has also been recognized for its role in addressing pressing global challenges. The company was awarded first place in the International Fertilizer Association’s African Agtech Startup Showcase, an acknowledgment of its commitment to sustainable agricultural solutions. This recognition further validates the global demand for innovative fertilizer technologies that can enhance food security while mitigating environmental harm.

As the company expands its reach beyond the US, it’s noteworthy that RhizoSorb has already demonstrated its efficacy in countries like India, New Zealand, and Turkey. With ongoing field trials planned for China, Brazil, and Canada in the coming year, Phospholutions is positioning itself as a true global leader in the sustainable agriculture movement.

By revolutionizing fertilizer technology and enabling farmers to balance productivity with sustainability, the company is contributing significantly to global food security and environmental protection. As the agricultural industry navigates the challenging waters of a changing climate and growing population, Phospholutions pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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