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Plant Products Unveils New Facility in Canton, Michigan As It Further Expands

Plant Products Unveils New Facility in Canton, Michigan As It Further Expands

Biobest Group‘s Plant Products is expanding its American footprint by inauguring a new facility in Canton, Michigan. The new facility will bolster the strong, solutions-focused technical sales team, enhancing customer service for Plant Products’ clients.

The Canton facility will function as the new hub for Plant Products’ customer service team, streamlining operations by bringing all members under one roof. This consolidation is expected to enhance communication and efficiency within the team significantly.

One key feature of the new facility is the substantial increase in warehouse space – triple the size of its predecessor. This expansion enables the company to stock more items, including synthetic and biopesticides, fertilizers, and other innovative consumable products. In addition, with a more extensive inventory, Plant Products can reduce delivery times, ensuring customers receive their orders promptly.

The expanded warehouse space also improves Plant Products’ logistics concerning the Biobest® beneficial insects and bumblebees. The receiving, packing, and shipping processes have been refined, enhancing the company’s ability to meet or surpass customers’ delivery expectations.

Moreover, the new facility boasts a more relaxed area four times larger than the previous one. This enhancement not only allows for the storage of additional biopesticides that require refrigeration, but it may also considerably extend the shelf-life of these products.

Plant Products’ USA General Manager, Rob Lee, expressed the team’s excitement over the new facility. “The entire team is thrilled to have the Canton facility up and running,” he said. “I believe many of our customers have already benefited from the additional warehouse and cooler space through the timely service we continue to provide.”

The opening of the Canton facility marks a significant milestone for Plant Products in its continued commitment to providing excellent customer service and innovative product solutions.

Photo by Anda Ambrosini on Unsplash 

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