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Plant Sciences Restructures to Form Plant Sciences Genetics, Inc.

Plant Sciences Restructures to Form Plant Sciences Genetics, Inc. AgTech; Agriculture; Food

Plant Sciences, Inc. (PSI), along with its affiliated berry breeding companies, has announced a significant restructuring to create a new entity named Plant Sciences Genetics, Inc. (PSG). This new organization will cater to the North American and vital international berry markets, offering a comprehensive portfolio of genetics for various berry types.

The restructuring will lead to PSG holding all berry breeding populations and related intellectual property that was previously under the control of several entities, including Plant Sciences, Berry Genetics, Strawberry Sciences, Via Berry Breeding, Vitae Caneberry Breeding, and Fragaria Plant Sciences. PSG will encompass 15 unique breeding populations, including eight strawberry, three blueberry, two raspberry, one blackberry, and one black raspberry.

This new formation will enable PSG to distribute its berry varieties to a broader range of growers and marketers across North America and key international regions. PSI will continue to support PSG by providing research and propagation services under a contractual agreement.

Steve Nelson, the CEO of Plant Sciences, Inc., expressed enthusiasm for the new opportunities, stating that the company is eager to engage with new customers. He emphasized that while they are excited to offer licensed access to their expanding portfolio of competitive berry varieties to a wider market, they remain devoted to the success of their long-standing clients.

In the coming weeks, PSI plans to hold regional grower meetings in various locations, including Watsonville, Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Baja. These meetings aim to introduce growers and industry peers to the new opportunities that PSG will provide throughout California and Baja.

The restructuring represents a significant step in PSI’s growth strategy, allowing for increased market reach and the potential for further innovation in the berry breeding industry.

Photo by Karoline Stk on Unsplash 

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