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Plenty Unlimited Inc. to Build World’s Largest Vertical Farming Research Center in Wyoming

World's Largest Vertical Farming Research Center in Wyoming

Plenty Unlimited Inc. has announced its plan to build the world’s largest and most advanced vertical farming research center in Laramie, Wyoming. The project has received a significant boost of $20 million in funding from the State of Wyoming, the City of Laramie, and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA).

The new research center, located on 16 acres of land in the Cirrus Sky Technology Park, will be 60,000 square feet, effectively doubling Plenty’s current research space. With an R&D team of over 75 scientists and 100 engineers, the company has already over 100 patent writings in the past two years. The company also plans to open a campus in Virginia with Driscolls’.

Plenty CEO Arama Kukutai stated that creating the new vertical farming research center greatly enhances Plenty’s capacity to revolutionize indoor agriculture. According to Kukutai, the company has already established one of Wyoming’s leading indoor farming research ecosystems. The new facility will further increase their capability to cultivate a broader range of crops, addressing a significant hindrance in the industry. Kukutai emphasized the importance of continuous innovation in driving indoor farming forward and making fresh food available to all.

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The new research center is expected to bring 125 new jobs in science, research, engineering, and data analysis. It will work closely with universities, startups, and vendors to advance Wyoming’s indoor farming research ecosystem. Plenty’s cutting-edge R&D has already driven industry-leading yields in core crops. The new center will increase profits and bring more diverse crops to market sooner.

Governor Mark Gordon expressed his pride in Wyoming’s investment in the growth of a company that originated in the state. He stated that the new research center would elevate Wyoming’s reputation as a world leader in indoor agricultural research and provide a remarkable chance to bolster a cutting-edge R&D cluster, diversifying the state’s economy.

The project is set to move into the design phase with plans to begin construction later in 2023 and open early 2025. This exciting development is a testament to the tremendous potential of indoor agriculture and the commitment of Plenty Unlimited Inc. to leading the way in this rapidly growing field.

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