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Precision Gene Editing for Sustainable Crustacean Farming

Colors Farm Ltd., Evogene Ltd., and Ben-Gurion University collaborate on cutting-edge gene editing technology for crustaceans.
Key Takeaways:
  • A collaboration between Colors Farm Ltd., Evogene Ltd., and Ben-Gurion University (BGU) has been announced to develop gene editing technology for crustaceans.
  • The project will target the giant freshwater prawn, white-leg shrimp, and red swamp crayfish to enhance growth rate, disease resistance, and environmental adaptation.
  • This initiative is supported by a competitive grant from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and addresses the growing global demand for seafood.
  • Each participating organization offers unique expertise, including Evogene’s advanced GeneRator AI tech engine for precise gene editing through CRISPR.
  • The ultimate aim is to overcome challenges in gene editing for non-model organisms with limited genomic data.

Colors Farm Ltd, a leader in sustainable aquaculture and biotech, is joining hands with Evogene Ltd., a computational biology powerhouse, and Ben-Gurion University (BGU), a prominent Israeli research institution, to push the boundaries of gene editing for crustaceans.

Given the skyrocketing demand for seafood worldwide, this collaborative effort comes at a critical time. The global shrimp and crayfish markets are expected to grow significantly in the coming years, primarily driven by heightened seafood consumption and an amplified focus on sustainable aquaculture.

Harnessing Unique Strengths for Innovation

Each partner in this groundbreaking venture is contributing something distinctive:

  • Colors Farm Ltd. will develop specialized solutions addressing the gene editing needs of the giant freshwater prawn and white-leg shrimp.
  • Evogene Ltd., with its state-of-the-art GeneRator AI tech engine, will play a pivotal role in forecasting optimal guide RNAs (gRNAs) for accurate gene editing via the CRISPR technology.
  • Prof. Amir Sagi of Ben-Gurion University, a luminary in the field of crustacean research, will establish a gene-editing platform for the red swamp crayfish and will lead the R&D efforts.

Together, their collective expertise aims to resolve existing hindrances in gene editing for organisms that are typically challenging due to limited genomic data.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

Prof. Amir Sagi from BGU expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the transformative potential of gene editing to boost the economics and sustainability of crustacean production. Similarly, Ran Epstein, CEO of Colors Farm, and Nir Arbel, CPO of Evogene, emphasized the revolutionary nature of gene editing in enhancing crustacean production and its potential to reduce environmental impacts significantly.

About Evogene Ltd.

Evogene Ltd. is at the forefront of computational biology, employing cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize life-science product discovery and development. With its three distinct tech engines, Evogene aims to boost the success rate of product development while minimizing time and costs. The company collaborates strategically and maintains five subsidiaries, each dedicated to unique aspects of life-science-based product development.

Photo by Lucut Razvan on Unsplash 

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