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Provektor to Install Large Rooftop Solar Panels for Åkerholmen Lantbruk Dairy Farm in Falköping

Provektor to Install Large Rooftop Solar Panels for Åkerholmen Lantbruk Dairy Farm in Falköping

In a move towards sustainable agriculture, Åkerholmen Lantbruk, a dairy farm in Falköping, has commissioned Provektor to establish a 5,200 sqm solar installation on their rooftops. This venture is set to power the farm’s daily operations, from milking machines to cooling systems, offering a greener solution for the vast dairy production that accommodates 750 cows.

Provektor, a primary electrical engineering subsidiary of the Soltech Group, possesses significant electrical installations and automation expertise. Since its integration into the Soltech Group, Provektor has further augmented its proficiency in solar energy. With 13 established locations across Skaraborg, Skåne, and Halland, and a workforce of approximately 150, the company stands poised to commence what is to be its most significant solar energy installation endeavor to date.

The decision to opt for solar energy at Åkerholmen Lantbruk, operated by Morgan and Camilla Dahlberg, was influenced by several factors. Morgan Dahlberg emphasized the importance of animal welfare and meticulous planning. He highlighted the dual advantage of utilizing unused space and ensuring low maintenance. He remarked, “Since we need our land for grazing and grain, a rooftop solar solution is a good fit. We also have great confidence in Provektor, and it will be fun to get our own solar energy solution.”

Apart from its sizable dairy cow population, the dairy farm is also a sanctuary for another 1,150 young animals. Given the extensive requirements of milking machines, coolers, fans, and other agricultural utilities, there’s an inherent need for a robust electricity solution that can accommodate high consumption.

Agricultural spaces, especially those with extensive roof areas like Åkerholmen Lantbruk, are often ideal for solar installations. Johan Svensson, the Project Manager at Provektor, expressed enthusiasm for the project, citing the favorable installation conditions presented by Åkerholmen’s expansive metal roofs. He added, “This project is fascinating for us. In addition, we get to work in a beautiful environment, and we’re looking forward to ensuring that agriculture can utilize the sun’s rays onwards.”

This partnership between Åkerholmen Lantbruk and Provektor signifies a step towards a greener future in dairy farming, leveraging renewable energy sources for sustainable and efficient operations.

Photo by Carolien van Oijen on Unsplash 

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