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Proveye Banks €1M for AI-Powered Agriculture Platform

AgTech company, Proveye Banks €1M for AI-Powered Agriculture Platform

Proveye, a spin-out company from University College Dublin (UCD) specializing in remote sensing image analysis for agriculture, has secured €1m seed funding from Inspire Investments and Enterprise Ireland. The company has developed an intelligent enterprise SaaS platform that combines image processing from several remote sensing bases with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform is operated by agricultural consultants, fertilizer and pesticide suppliers, and food processors to deliver quick and precise data regarding productivity and sustainability on farming land to the end-user.

The platform significantly increases the precision and significance of information from earth observation data across various remote sensing sources, including satellites, drones, and ground-based sensors. Picked pictures are improved and gathered into a single view, updating for weather conditions, sunlight, and a scope of other elements that usually make it challenging to separate detailed data to inform decisions on the ground.

Jerome O’Connell, CEO, and founder, of Proveye, said, “This investment arrives at a period of rapid maturation for the company as we display the value of a new gen of image-based analytics in agriculture. In addition, our team is working with some of the greatest names in the agriculture industry to decrypt challenges formerly out of reach to substantially expand assurance and precision in key decisions on the field, farm, and even regional scale.”

Proveye provides companies with a quicker, more frequent, and more precise understanding of metrics relating to crop growth performance. Such as health and output, sustainability, biodiversity, carbon measurement, and traceability. In addition, the funding will enable the company to grow its customer base and develop different solutions across grassland, arable crops, and more specialist areas of UAV image processing.

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