Pure Flavor® Acquires MightyVine® to Expand Greenhouse Operations in the Midwest
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Pure Flavor® Acquires MightyVine® to Expand Greenhouse Operations in the Midwest

Key Takeaways

  1. Pure Flavor® announces the acquisition of MightyVine®, a leading Midwest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Tomato grower, as part of its strategic expansion.
  2. The acquisition allows Pure Flavor® to extend its reach into the Midwest, complementing its existing facilities in Georgia and other states.
  3. The company has aggressively expanded, acquiring multiple farms and distribution centers in the last nine months.
  4. Future plans include further regional expansion and exploring new product opportunities.

Pure Flavor®, a rapidly growing brand in the greenhouse produce sector, has announced its acquisition of MightyVine®, a leading Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Tomato grower based in Rochelle, IL. The acquisition is part of Pure Flavor®’s strategic plans to expand its greenhouses and distribution centers portfolio.

Strategic Investment in the Midwest

Jamie Moracci, President and partner of Pure Flavor®, emphasized the significance of the acquisition: “The opportunity to add MightyVine® to our family of growers will allow us to further extend our reach into the Midwest and beyond.” MightyVine®’s 30-acre facility, located just west of Chicago, provides a year-round supply of fresh, greenhouse-grown tomatoes to one of the most critical regions in the USA.

Complementing Existing Operations

The acquisition complements Pure Flavor®’s existing Southeast programs, including its Peach County, GA facility opened in late 2018. “Expanding our capacity with lit crop production enables us to service the Mid-West with USA Grown Tomatoes,” commented Moracci. The Georgia facility distributes Tomatoes-On-The-Vine to key retail and food service partners in multiple states.

A Series of Acquisitions

Jeff Moracci, Chief Financial Officer and partner highlighted the company’s active expansion strategy, which included the acquisition of DeTemporada Farms in December 2022 and Cervini Farms C5 in February 2023. Another distribution center in McAllen, TX, was added to the network in July. “The acquisition of MightyVine® further demonstrates our company leadership’s ability to recognize & analyze strategic acquisition opportunities,” he said.

Future Plans

Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President, and partner, expressed enthusiasm for the future: “Increasing our owned acreage helps facilitate our growth alongside our grower partners and supports our need for scaling up our operations.” The company is also focused on extensive recruitment drives to support its growth.

Pure Flavor® has ongoing plans for expansion, including developing more region-specific facilities and exploring new product opportunities.

Image provided by Pure Flavor®

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