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Blue Radix Joins AVAG

Blue Radix, the market leader and specialist in autonomous growing, has recently become a member of AVAG, the industry association for the greenhouse.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Deals

Freshbay Advances Geothermal-Powered Greenhouse Project

Agriculture company Freshbay has made a significant step toward securing the economics of its deep geothermal-powered agriculture facility in Alberta. The project uses.

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Corporate Partnerships

Svensson and AGCULTURE Partner to Tackle Climate Challenges

Svensson and AGCULTURE have formed a global partnership to address the horticulture sector’s climate, light, and energy control challenges. The collaboration will offer.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture Cultures Videos

Regenerative Agriculture and Energy Efficiency

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that aims to restore and revitalize land to improve soil health and boost biodiversity. The ultimate.

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Corporate Indoor Farming

Signify Introduces Far-Red Grow Light for Van Wordragen

Signify, a world-leading lighting company has provided Van Wordragen Flowers BV, a chrysanthemum grower in the Netherlands, with LED installations that include an.

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Corporate Urban Farming

Maimoon Gardens: A Sustainable Residential Complex in Dubai

Fakhruddin Properties has begun construction on Maimoon Gardens, a residential complex in Dubai that aims to prioritize the well-being of its occupants by.

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Americas Funding Round Horticulture

Little Leaf Farms Banks a USD 300 Million Funding

Little Leaf Farms has successfully raised USD 300 million in new capital in a funding round led by The Rise Fund, TPG’s multi-sector.

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