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Pure Flavor Furthers Growth With Acquisition Of Cervini Farms

Pure Flavor has made a significant acquisition with the addition of Cervini Farms C5 in Leamington, ON, to its portfolio of greenhouses and distribution centers. This acquisition will increase the company’s owned acreage and help support its growth alongside grower partners. In addition, by driving efficiencies, Pure Flavor® will further solidify its future as an industry leader.

The Cervini Farms C5 location is adjacent to Pure Flavor®’s home farm in Leamington, creating a flagship Pure Flavor® Campus of 350 acres. This expansion will enable the company to provide a more extensive supply of fresh, greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables year-round to its retail and food service customers throughout North America.

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The acquisition process was efficient, transparent, and authentic, showcasing Pure Flavor’s ability to capitalize on investment opportunities effectively. The company’s strategic investments are focused on mindful expansion to ensure it remains a leader in the industry. Pure Flavor also leads extensive recruitment drives at all its facilities to support its growth and expansion plans.

Moreover, the recent completion of a new Phase IV, 40-acre organic greenhouse and 210,000 sq ft centralized packhouse and distribution center in Leamington within the last 60 days will further strengthen Pure Flavor’s position in the market. In addition, the company continually evaluates opportunities to explore new product opportunities and develop more region-specific facilities beyond the Cervini Farms C5 location and DeTemporada Farms acquisitions. Pure Flavor® acquired DeTemporada Farms, a 25-acre bell pepper farm. In addition, the company announced receiving DeTemporada Farms, a 25-acre greenhouse bell pepper farm located in Merlin, ON. This acquisition comes as the company experiences tremendous year-over-year growth and expansion plans.

Image provided by Pure Flavor® 2023

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