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RedSea Ag Latest News: Expansion With Bruno De Oliveira

RedSea appoints Bruno De Oliveira as VP of East Africa & Egypt to drive its sustainable Agri Climate Tech business

Key Takeaways:

  1. Bruno De Oliveira’s Appointment: Bruno De Oliveira has been appointed as the VP of East Africa & Egypt for RedSea, a sustainable agriclimate tech company.
  2. Market Expansion in East Africa and Egypt: RedSea is expanding its market in East Africa and Egypt due to increasing customer demand. New technologies are being introduced to address climate challenges in these regions.
  3. Impact of RedSea’s Technologies: RedSea’s technologies, including the iyris SecondSky roofs, have demonstrated significant savings in energy and water usage, enhancing profitability and sustainability for growers in hot climates.
  4. Strategic Partnerships and Awards: RedSea has formed high-profile partnerships and received the Davidson Prize for its iyris SecondSky technology, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable agriclimate technology.
  5. Global Reach and Sustainable Solutions: With its technologies deployed in twelve countries across five continents, RedSea is contributing to tackling the challenges of extreme heat and water scarcity in agriculture globally.

RedSea, a pioneer in sustainable agriculture climate technology, has announced the appointment of Bruno De Oliveira as the Vice President for East Africa & Egypt. This move marks a significant step in the company’s ongoing expansion to address the agricultural challenges in hot climates.

RedSea is expanding its operational team in East Africa and Egypt to cater to growing customer demand. These regions are known for their challenging climates and have a potential for growth, requiring sustainable farming solutions. With the recent installations of iyris SecondSky roofs in Egypt and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Magrabi Agriculture, RedSea’s commitment to these markets has been demonstrated. Bruno De Oliveira, an expert with over 30 years of experience in the region’s commercial farming and business development, will be based in Cairo, Egypt, and will leverage his extensive network to further RedSea’s growth in these strategic markets.

Ryan Lefers, CEO and co-founder of RedSea, emphasized the importance of positioning a key team member in the region. He noted that Bruno’s appointment would enable RedSea to serve the needs of farmers facing the harsh realities of an increasingly hot climate better.

RedSea’s products help address the challenges of heat and water scarcity in farming. Their technologies reduce energy and water usage, increasing sustainability and profitability. They have a global reach and strategic partnerships with major developers and manufacturers.

Recent RedSea News:

Armando Alvarez Group and RedSea Announce Exclusive Collaboration (2023/10/03)

Armando Alvarez Group and RedSea have partnered to create innovative greenhouse covers for sustainable farming in hot climates. The new greenhouse cover incorporates RedSea’s patented iyris® SecondSky® advanced nanotechnology solution and is designed to reduce irrigation, fertigation, and energy use while improving harvests. The collaboration aims to increase profitability for growers and farmers in arid areas, while contributing to sustainable development globally.

RedSea Appoints John Keppler To Its Board (2023/05/23)

John Keppler, the Executive Chairman of Enviva Inc., has joined the board of RedSea, a leading sustainable agriculture technology company. Keppler is a seasoned professional in the sustainability and fossil fuel alternatives industries, serving on the Board of the Sustainable Biomass Program and being recognized as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 National Award winner. RedSea’s recent partnership with leading developers and its prestigious Davidson Prize win for its iyris SecondSky transparent heat-blocking roofing materials affirms its position as a global leader in sustainable agricultural technology.

RedSea Inks An MoU With Saudi Downtown Company (2023/04/15)

The KSA AgTech business, which enables commercial farming in hot environments globally, has partnered with the Saudi Downtown Company (SDC) to build and operate RedSea greenhouses at SDC locations across the kingdom. The partnership will allow for deploying sustainable agriculture technologies that can benefit everyone. The downtown projects, mixed-use developments, will enhance the quality of life and promote economic growth across 12 Saudi cities. The RedSea greenhouses will be designed to provide fresh, high-quality produce to local communities, aligning with the Kingdom’s vision and quality of life objectives by enhancing green spaces.

Awarded Davidson Prize & Makes First US Sale (2023/04/13)

RedSea’s innovative iyris Heat-Blocking roof was recently sold to Perfect Choice Nursery in Florida, marking the company’s first technology sale in the US. This milestone sale highlights the potential impact of the technology on commercial farming in hot climates globally. RedSea’s needs-based design of sustainable agriculture technologies is now used by growers in seven countries. Ryan Lefers, CEO and co-founder, expressed his excitement about the award and milestone sale, stating that the iyris Heat-Blocking Greenhouse Roof has the potential for high impact.

RedSea Boosts Board of Directors with Senior Appointments (2023/04/07)

The company appointed Larkin Martin and Steve Dauphin to its Board of Directors. Both bring vast experience and expertise in agriculture and venture capital investment. These new appointments will enhance RedSea’s mission to deliver sustainable agriculture technologies for hot climates and help accelerate the company’s growth and expansion. The announcement follows recent C-Level additions to the company’s leadership team.

RedSea Commission Latest Facility In Abu Dhabi (2023/04/01)

The company has won HSBC’s Living Business award for its one-hectare greenhouse facility in Abu Dhabi. The facility uses climate-adapted IoT sensors, resilient genetics, and agrivoltaics technology to produce salt, heat, and drought-tolerant crops with higher yields and better quality. RedSea aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices in the region and beyond, supporting the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy.

RedSea Awarded The ASABE AE50 (2023/02/15)

The company has been awarded the prestigious ASABE AE50 award at the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ 2023 conference in California. This award recognizes the 50 most innovative technologies and systems in agriculture and food. RedSea’s Iyris Heat Blocking Greenhouse Roof has been selected for its excellence, innovation, and impact on the agricultural market.

Appoints New Divisional Heads (2023/02/08)

RedSea Farms has announced the appointment of two new divisional heads as it continues its efforts to develop world-leading technologies for sustainable agriculture. The new positions include Bruno de Oliveira as Chief Agricultural Officer and Branko Lovic as Chief Plant Science Officer.

TRSDC Partners With Red Sea Farms (2022/05/22)

TRSDC has partnered with Red Sea Farms to develop a sustainable food supply for The Red Sea Project, using sunlight and saltwater. The indoor farm will become the main supplier to the luxury destination’s resorts and restaurants and will save up to 300 litres of fresh water per kilogram of produce. By working with Red Sea Farms, TRSDC is developing an autonomous and ecologically friendly food supply, which will be built within TRSDC’s wider sustainable food park zone. TRSDC also partnered with Blue Planet Ecosystems in a regional first to deliver sustainably produced seafood. The Red Sea Project will welcome its first guests by the end of 2022 and will comprise 50 hotels upon completion in 2030.

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