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RedSea Commissions Latest Facility In Abu Dhabi

AgTech company, RedSea Farms Opens in Abu Dhabi

RedSea, a company specializing in sustainable agricultural solutions, has recently commissioned a greenhouse facility in Abu Dhabi, marking the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. The facility’s technology enables commercial farming in hot environments, diversifying food product sources and stimulating the agri-food sector in the region.

The one-hectare facility received recognition for its innovative water management and efficiency, winning HSBC’s Living Business award. RedSea’s technology aims to support the UAE’s ‘National Food Security Strategy,’ which promotes food security with advanced agricultural techniques.

According to Ryan Lefers, the CEO of RedSea, the company is thrilled to introduce its award-winning technology to the UAE. This technology is transforming both controlled environment agriculture and open-field farming globally. Lefers believes local growers will benefit from this technology by generating higher production yields, operating more sustainably, and increasing profitability.

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The greenhouse features climate-adapted IoT sensors for remote monitoring and management. In addition, it utilizes resilient genetics to produce salt, heat, and drought-tolerant crops with higher yields and better quality. The facility also showcases RedSea’s roots in roof technologies, which will be directly compared to technologies currently used in the GCC. Lefers also notes that food production is often unsustainable and highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. RedSea’s technology directly addresses these challenges and provides a solution born in the deserts of the Middle East and is already being implemented successfully in hot climates worldwide.

In addition, the facility utilizes agrivoltaics technology, with 2,000m2 of elevated solar panels providing shade and generating sustainable electricity for the greenhouse. Another notable feature is the saltwater irrigated fodder plot, which uses salty brine to wash livestock feed, providing a sustainable solution to water scarcity.

RedSea’s technology has already been successfully implemented in hot climates worldwide, offering a sustainable solution to the problems of unsustainable global food production and vulnerability to climate change. By establishing this facility in Abu Dhabi, RedSea aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices in the region and beyond.

Image provided by RedSea

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