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RedSea Awarded The ASABE AE50

RedSea, a world leader in sustainable agriculture technology, has been awarded the prestigious ASABE AE50 award at the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ 2023 conference in California. This award recognizes the 50 most innovative technologies and systems in agriculture and food. RedSea’s Iyris Heat Blocking Greenhouse Roof has been selected for its excellence, innovation, and impact on the agricultural market.

The Iyris Heat Blocking Greenhouse Roof is a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) solution that blocks near-infrared solar radiation while allowing active photosynthetic radiation to pass through. This innovative technology was developed and patented by RedSea’s Co-Founder and Chief Engineer, Derya Baran, and has been proven to reduce energy expenditure and water consumption by over 25%.

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The Iyris Heat Blocking Greenhouse Roof is a game-changer in sustainable agriculture. This technology promotes the sustainable growth of high-quality fruits and vegetables by mitigating energy expenditure on cooling, saving water, and extending the growing season in hot climates. RedSea’s platform of proprietary technologies includes resilient plant science and genetics, cultivating new rootstocks able to thrive in hot environments and with saltwater, cooling systems, and a data enterprise remote monitoring and control system.

Red Sea’s technology is crucial in addressing food insecurity as fertile land is claimed by climate change and environments become hotter. With the company’s technology, growers in seven countries globally are already benefiting from sustainable agriculture practices that help secure future food production. Furthermore, RedSea is supplying significant retailers across KSA with high-quality produce. By leveraging its innovative technologies, RedSea is ensuring the sustainability of the agricultural industry and providing high-quality products for consumers.

“The recognition of the Iyris Heat Blocking Greenhouse Roof with the ASABE AE50 award is a testament to RedSea’s dedication to sustainable agriculture technology. As the world continues to face climate change and its impact on agriculture, the Red Sea’s technology offers a promising solution to the challenges that lie ahead.” commented the company in its latest press release.

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