ReHeva Biosciences Advances Cancer Treatment With 80 Acres Farms’ Botanical Supply

ReHeva Biosciences completes Phase I Trial for RH324, paving the way for innovative botanical-based cancer treatments.
Key Takeaways
  • ReHeva Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical startup, has successfully concluded its Phase I Safety Trial for RH324, a drug aimed at enhancing the lives of cancer patients.
  • In collaboration with Case Comprehensive Cancer Center University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University, the trial targeted patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who have exhausted previous treatment options.
  • Dr. Zeenia Kaul, CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of ReHeva Biosciences, emphasizes the importance of plant-derived agents in cancer treatment.
  • A collaboration with 80 Acres Farms, a leader in vertical farming, ensures a consistent supply of high-quality botanical raw materials crucial for ReHeva’s research.
  • The company is set to expand its clinical program, emphasizing its partnerships with universities and institutions and showcasing its unwavering commitment to advancing the cancer treatment narrative.
A Significant Step Towards A Cancer-Free Future

ReHeva Biosciences recently celebrated a noteworthy accomplishment by completing its Phase I Safety Trial for its novel drug, RH324. This marks an essential leap towards the company’s goal to redefine the way we approach cancer treatment.

The trial, undertaken in cooperation with renowned institutions in Cleveland, explored the safety and efficiency of increasing doses of RH324 for patients with NSCLC. Dr. Zeenia Kaul stated, “At ReHeva, we believe that we can transform cancer treatment to allow patients to live longer and healthier. Our recent achievement takes us one step closer to this vision.”

Rooted in over two decades of meticulous pre-clinical research, ReHeva has consistently showcased its commitment to scientific authenticity. Its rigorous approach is validated by numerous studies published in esteemed journals. With the FDA Investigational New Drug Allowance (IND) acquired in 2018, the company’s pursuit of an FDA-approved indication for RH324 has gained momentum.

The Power of Collaborations

Beyond scientific expertise, strategic alliances have fortified ReHeva’s mission. One notable collaboration is with 80 Acres Farms. Recognizing the demand for consistent, high-quality botanical raw materials, ReHeva joined forces with this leader in vertical farming. The alliance seeks to blend innovative drug manufacturing needs with a sustainable and scalable supply chain.

80 Acres Farms, harnessing the marvels of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), offers an optimal environment for crop cultivation. This precision guarantees crops perfect for clinical applications, ensuring ReHeva’s pioneering research remains uninterrupted.

Mike Zelkind, the mind behind 80 Acres Farms, said, “Our goal is to challenge traditional norms. We support ReHeva’s innovative efforts by cultivating plants with unmatched precision, providing traceability, consistency, and scalability.”

ReHeva’s other collaborations, including academic partnerships with prestigious institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, seek to broaden its research scope. These alliances and generous grants enable the company to conduct more clinical trials on various cancers.

A Bright Future Ahead

With over $7 million in funding, ReHeva Biosciences is a beacon of hope in oncology research. The company’s focus on botanical-based drugs holds the promise of a new dawn in cancer treatment.

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RH324 ,An innovative drug manufactured by ReHeva, RH324 encompasses a spectrum of the plant’s natural constituents, from proteins and amino acids to minerals and phytochemicals. Developed in compliance with FDA guidelines, RH324 epitomizes the future of botanical drug products.

Founded in 2016, ReHeva is at the forefront of leveraging naturally occurring complex drugs to redefine cancer treatment. The company underscores the importance of impeccable botanical raw materials and drug development processes, ensuring patients receive the best possible care.

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