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Decisive Farming & GrainFox Partner

Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture partners with GrainFox to revolutionize digital grain trade for Canadian farmers.
Key Takeaways
  • Innovative Collaboration: Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture and GrainFox have partnered to enhance digital grain trade options for Canadian farmers, using technology to transform the nation’s agricultural sector further.
  • Empowering Farmers: GrainFox provides personalized data insights to farmers, helping them navigate the complex grain markets. Integration with Decisive Farming ensures that all necessary data is in one place for easier decision-making.
  • Unified Solution: As stated by Kolby Nichol, Director at Decisive Farming, this collaboration will offer a simplified yet powerful solution, allowing farmers to focus on vital aspects of their operations.
  • Win-Win for Both Companies: While Decisive Farming will expand its agri-tech offerings, GrainFox will benefit by broadening its customer base and reinforcing its market expertise.
  • Exclusive Subscription Deal: Decisive Farming customers will enjoy a special subscription discount to GrainFox’s services.
Ushering a New Era in Digital Agriculture

Canadian farmers are set to benefit from a groundbreaking partnership between Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture and GrainFox. This alliance promises to bring a plethora of digital grain trade and sell options, leveraging technology and data to support the ever-evolving needs of Canada’s agricultural sector.

Navigating the Grain Market Maze

The grain market can be a labyrinth for farmers. Between fluctuating market conditions, multiple crop contracts, and the plethora of advice available at local elevators, determining the best grain prices and selling crops can become daunting. Enter GrainFox, a forerunner in offering digital agricultural and financial tools. With its user-friendly mobile and desktop interface, GrainFox furnishes farmers with personalized, data-centric insights. These insights are tailored for each farming business, providing real-time marketing data and crop sales advice.

The integration of GrainFox’s tools with Decisive Farming’s capabilities, including Farm At Hand, ensures that farmers have all their data in one centralized location. This seamless integration facilitates more informed decision-making, enabling farmers to bypass the information overload and make choices that best suit their business needs.

Kolby Nichol, Director at Decisive Farming, captured the essence of this partnership, stating, “Through this collaboration with GrainFox, we will be providing one integrated solution for our customers that is powerful yet simplified and cost-effective, helping farmers spend more time on what matters most.”

A Synergy for Sustainable Agriculture

This collaboration is not just a win for farmers but also for the two companies involved. Decisive Farming gets the opportunity to enhance its agricultural tech offerings, ensuring that its customers have access to top-tier tools and technologies to boost their operations. On the other hand, GrainFox extends its reach, ensuring its market expertise aids farmers throughout the grain trade process, from bin to bank.

Liz Pham, Chief Growth Officer of GrainFox, expressed her excitement, stating, “Through the dynamic partnership of GrainFox and Decisive Farming, we’re revolutionizing the agricultural industry. This collaboration harnesses cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to empower farmers, seamlessly bridging the gap from bin to bank.”

Additionally, irrespective of the size of their operations, all farmers can utilize GrainFox to streamline and make their grain trade processes more sustainable. As a bonus, Decisive Farming’s customers receive an exclusive subscription discount, adding more value to this partnership.

For those interested in delving deeper into the services offered by these two innovators, they can explore the official Decisive Farming website.

A Brief Look at TELUS & GrainFox

TELUS, a global communications technology giant, boasts more than $18 billion in annual revenue and over 18 million customer connections. Their commitment to customer-centricity, superior technology, and a vision to drive social change places them at the forefront of their industry. Their dedication to philanthropy is commendable, making TELUS the most charitable company globally.

GrainFox, on the other hand, stands as a beacon for data-driven agricultural wealth management. Their platform is tailored to guide producers through their grain marketing journey. With their Smart Advisor technology, GrainFox offers individualized sales advice, considering factors like crop mix, cash flow goals, and risk tolerance. Their toolkit equips producers with insights to fine-tune their grain marketing strategies.

Together, these two entities are poised to reshape the agricultural landscape, heralding a brighter, more efficient future for Canadian farmers.

Photo by Paz Arando on Unsplash 

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