Resolve Biosciences Appoints New CEO

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Resolve Biosciences, a company specializing in Molecular Cartography™ technology has recently appointed John Stark as its new CEO. Stark brings over 20 years of experience commercializing early-stage technologies, scaling organizations, and navigating capital markets for some of the most innovative life sciences companies. Previously, he was the CEO of Quantum-Si, a next-generation, single-molecule protein sequencing platform company, and Celsee, a single-cell genomics platform company acquired by Bio-Rad in 2020. The company’s previous CEO, Jason Gammack, will leave as part of this transition.

Peer M. Schatz, co-founder and Chairman of the Board, expressed his excitement over appointing John Stark as CEO, citing his impressive track record of execution, operational excellence, and successful team building to drive innovation. Stark has consistently delivered high-growth results for numerous industry-defining platforms throughout his career. The Board believes that Stark’s leadership will lead to the company’s next chapter of growth and success.

John Stark was excited and honored to join Resolve Biosciences as its next CEO. He believes that it is rare to find an opportunity like this to lead a growing company with transformative technology and a brilliant and passionate team. Stark’s experience in commercializing early-stage technologies and scaling organizations will help Resolve Biosciences grow and thrive in the industry.

The appointment of John Stark as Resolve Biosciences’ new CEO marks a significant milestone for the company. Stark’s leadership and experience will drive innovation and lead the company to its next chapter of growth and success. The Board is excited to welcome Stark and believes his impressive track record of execution, operational excellence, and successful team building will help the company achieve its goals.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash 

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