Robert Intile Joins Argo Living Soils Corp. Board of Directors
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Robert Intile Joins Argo Living Soils Corp. Board of Directors

Argo Living Soils Corp. (CSE: ARGO) (OTC Pink: ARLSF), a leading player in the organic soil industry, announced yesterday that Robert Intile has joined the company’s board of directors, effective immediately. The addition of Intile, who brings a wealth of experience from various management and sales roles, signals a new direction for the company.

Intile has a distinguished career with broad experience spanning across several industries. Prior to joining Argo, he served as VP of Business Development at Superbox Inc., an OTC-listed company, where he demonstrated strong leadership and strategic direction. He was also a director and chairman of the local chapter of the Toronto Dominion Bank Friends of the Environment Foundation, further highlighting his capacity for executive-level decision-making and social responsibility.

Beyond these roles, Intile has demonstrated a knack for fundraising, evidenced by his experience with First Choice Products Inc. His current employment is with a multinational company contracted to British Columbia’s transit authority, where his skills are evidently put to use in a different yet challenging landscape.

Importantly, Robert Intile holds a certificate in Public Companies Financing, Governance and Compliance from Simon Fraser University, suggesting a solid foundation in understanding the intricacies of public company operation, compliance and governance.

Simultaneously, Argo announced the resignation of Michael Uhm from the board of directors. The Company expressed its gratitude to Uhm for his contributions during his tenure. Further details on the circumstances of Uhm’s departure were not provided in the announcement.

In addition to the board changes, the Company also revealed the termination of its non-binding letter of intent with Jungku Woo. The letter of intent was initially announced on May 4, 2023, but details on why this agreement has ended have not been released.

As Argo Living Soils Corp. moves forward with these significant leadership changes, investors, employees, and stakeholders will likely be keenly observing the impact on the company’s strategic direction and performance. As of now, the company’s future growth and development initiatives remain a crucial focus in light of these changes.

Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash 

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