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Fribourg Pioneers Agri-food and Agritech Innovation

Fribourg Pioneers Agri-food and Agritech Innovation

Fribourg, a canton in Switzerland, is gaining global attention for becoming an increasingly attractive destination for companies in the agri-food and agritech sector, as reported by GGBA Switzerland. This development is fueled by Fribourg’s commitment to sustainable and innovative economic strategies which also incorporate the principles of a circular economy.

A suite of programs is central to this economic strategy, including “Agriculture & Food Industry 4.0” which focuses on optimizing nitrogen fertilization in agriculture, “Biomass Valorization” for reutilizing biomass, and the “Food & Farm Living Lab“, an initiative aimed at actively involving consumers and citizens in the development of a more efficient and sustainable food system.

These programs, backed by significant financial investments including a CHF 1 million budget and a CHF 40,000 innovation check, are already yielding positive results, generating new, high-value economic activities. These activities are significantly outperforming the Swiss average in terms of employment and added value.

The AgriCo campus, one of the key components of Fribourg’s agri-food resurgence, is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to creating value in agriculture, nutrition, and biomass. Serving as an incubator for innovation, AgriCo facilitates large-scale testing, collaboration, and value creation. The upcoming expansion of the campus is projected to create an additional 2,400 jobs, strengthening Fribourg’s status as a vibrant economic hub in the agri-food sector.

Fribourg’s agri-food strategy heavily relies on collaborations with its private, institutional, and academic partners, such as the Agricultural Institute of Grangeneuve and the Agroscope. With nearly a quarter of Switzerland’s agricultural products being processed in Fribourg, it’s clear that the canton is uniquely positioned to further enhance the development of the agri-food sector.

The canton’s dedication to the agri-food industry has also led to international recognition, following its recent membership in the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley association. This has resulted in stronger ties with the Swiss food industry and a greater influence on its future development.

Fribourg’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and circular economy principles presents an enticing proposition for agri-food and agritech companies. As GGBA Switzerland notes, the canton is rapidly establishing itself as the premier destination in the agri-food industry, shaping the future of the sector with a promising and exciting landscape for all who venture there.

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash 

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