SavorEat and Sodexo bring AI-driven Robot Chef to U.S. universities promising sustainable plant-based meals.
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SavorEat and Sodexo Unveil Robot Chef

SavorEat, an innovative food tech company, has joined hands with global giant Sodexo to introduce the much-anticipated Robot Chef to American shores. This synergistic collaboration promises to redefine the dining experience at institutions by bringing together the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing, AI, and sustainability.

SavorEat’s Robot Chef is set to make waves in the U.S. by employing its cutting-edge technology to produce scrumptious plant-based burgers at two renowned institutions: the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. Students at these universities are in for a treat, as they will soon “Taste the Future” of sustainable, on-demand meals. Starting this September, students at the University of Denver can indulge in this experience at the Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market. Following suit, the University of Colorado at Denver’s Eat Food Market will host this technological marvel in 2024.

Racheli Vizman, CEO and Co-Founder of SavorEat remarked on this monumental partnership, saying, “By teaming up with an iconic entity like Sodexo, which is always ahead in embracing innovative food tech, we’re ecstatic to introduce our Robot Chef to U.S. students. Our offering promises meat’s authentic taste without using animal-based ingredients, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for students.

Echoing this enthusiasm, Moses DeBord, Senior Vice President for Sodexo Campus, said, “We’re delighted to collaborate with SavorEat, a frontrunner in the plant-based and foodservice robotics realm. Their mission to deliver customizable plant-based meals aligns perfectly with our vision for healthier and happier college campuses.”

The Robot Chef truly stands out because of its machine learning and AI-driven approach. It presents restaurants with a seamless production method that drastically reduces food wastage. This is achieved by cooking bespoke patties, ensuring only the exact amount of plant-based meat needed is produced. Diners can use SavorEat’s exclusive web application to tailor their meals, adjust protein and fat ratios, and specify cooking methods. Their preferences are stored securely in the cloud, and the Robot Chef can autonomously whip up a patty within three minutes.

As a global powerhouse, Sodexo stands tall among the top three entities in integrated service management and catering for businesses, educational hubs, and governments. Sodexo is renowned for its culinary expertise, digital engagement strategies, and proficiency in maintaining pristine surroundings, particularly on college campuses.

This partnership between SavorEat and Sodexo is not just about food—it’s about the future. It exemplifies how technology can lead to sustainable solutions when fused with culinary expertise. The U.S. food service landscape is on the cusp of a transformative era, and this collaboration is just the beginning.

Image provided by SavorEat

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