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Siemens and Infinite Acres to Open Research Center for Vertical Farming in The Hague

Siemens Netherlands and Infinite Acres have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a joint research center in The Hague. The center will integrate Siemens’ technology and services with Infinite Acres’ controlled environment-growing technology to advance the vertical farming industry.

The collaboration aims to expedite the development of vertical farming by supporting Infinite Acres’ global breeding and technology partners. Furthermore, integrating Siemens’ hardware and software with Infinite Acres’ cutting-edge growing technology will create an innovative platform for research and development in this rapidly evolving field.

Both companies are deeply committed to developing sustainable, eco-friendly, healthy food cultivation solutions. This partnership underscores their dedication to transforming agricultural practices across the U.S. and globally.

The research center, also dubbed the ‘Experience Center,’ will serve as a demonstration hub for potential customers, showcasing what vertical farming looks like in practice. It will also serve as a venue for solving agriculture challenges and promoting sustainable farming practices.

“The collaboration with Infinite Acres will allow us to standardize, industrialize, and scale vertical farming technology,” John Parrott, vice president, and food and beverage head at Siemens Digital Industries US. “By combining our expertise, we can accelerate the development of sustainable farming solutions and contribute to global food security.”

The new research center in The Hague is expected to become a cornerstone for innovation in sustainable agriculture, shedding light on the future of farming and helping to redefine our relationship with food production.

“By merging Siemens technology and Infinite Acres’s growing expertise, we can assist in solving the diverse challenges surrounding agriculture,” explains Tisha Livingston, CEO of Infinite Acres. “Our partnership with Siemens is assisting us in standardizing, industrializing, and scaling our vertical farming technology so that we can feed the future.”

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